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BLING: Natalie Portman's Engagement Ring!

Natalie Portman debuted more than her baby bump on the night of People's Choice Awards -- check out that rock on her ring finger!

Portman, who announced she was engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied last month, shows off her engagement ring in new photos from Us Weekly.

This will be the first marriage and child for the couple, who met while filming "Black Swan."

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Selena:  1443 days ago

Wow, she's having a shot gun wedding....Pregnant and engaged...guess she wasn't being too cautious. Congrats to you Natalie and Benjamin.

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Liz:  1441 days ago

There is nothing wrong with getting married after getting pregnant - sometimes these things are "accidentally on purpose." If you feel ready enough - age, financially, etc. then sometimes people relax their birth control regimen because a surprise pregnancy would not be a bad thing.

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