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DATE DETAILS! Exes Zac & Vanessa Get Cozy At Club!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens announced their split in December, but judging by their night out in Hollywood on Friday, they're as cozy as ever.

The pair arrived at SHG's Eden, a new see-and-be-seen nightclub, with pal Brittany Snow, but as the evening progressed, they only had eyes for each other.

A source tells TooFab of their arrival at the club, "Zac was dressed casually in a red flannel shirt and jeans and Vanessa was in a tight grey tube dress. They arrived with Brittany Snow, also in a tight tube dress."

But after the trio arrived, Efron, 23, and Hudgens, 22, "were inseparable throughout the night, dancing, drinking Belvedere vodka and canoodling."

In fact, adds the source, "Vanessa only broke from Zac's side to dance with Brittany on the couches at their table." And "Desperate Housewives" star Shawn Pyfrom also partied with the group.

Also at the club, which was lit up by lasers and Co2 canons, were Doug Reinhardt, Jesse McCartney,  Jesse Williams and Jamie Chung.

Comments (8)

Chris:  1480 days ago

He can do so much better!

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ana:  1480 days ago

They are a great couple

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jessica:  1480 days ago

This is so damn awesome :)

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Jasmin:  1480 days ago

Love Zac and Vanessa. I thought they never broke up. Wasn't that just a rumor someone started? I mean another rumor.

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roxana:  1480 days ago

im so happy for them!!! their break-up was never confirmed.....they are still together until today, 5 years is a long time relationship to break apart...Thanks TMZ for always being so supportive to such incredible couple...u guys rock!

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you know it:  1480 days ago

they are the Rogers and Astaire of our time. So cute together!

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sofronia:  1479 days ago

Was happy that the two were back together. They made my day.

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LI90ngyu:  1479 days ago

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they are the Rogers and Astaire of our time. So cute together!

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