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DJ Pauly D: I Won't Change My Hairstyle!

0110-pauly-d-ex-107903731-getty"Jersey Shore" breakout star Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio is gearing up for his own spinoff TV show, but he tells TooFab that while he plans to shake things up for the new series, he has no plans to ever ditch his famous spiked hairstyle.

"Nah, I really like this look," he tells TooFab. "I like the hairstyle, I think it's me, everybody knows me from it. I've never changed it. I had this before ["Jersey Shore"] and I want to keep it too."

While the spinoff is a go, DelVecchio tells TooFab the series doesn't have a name yet (nor an airdate). "We haven't discussed that yet. I gotta think about it. I think the name is important so I want to really come up with something cool."

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Bu:  1476 days ago

He looks like an 80 year old lady that goes to the "Beauty Parlor" every week and has her hair "done" with that stupid hair do!

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