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AMERICAN IDOL NEWS!: Details on New Season!

The beast that is "American Idol" kicks off next week -- and we've got some new details on how the new season will play out!

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour today, where they dropped some nuggets on Season 10.

According to FOX, the season will kick off next Wednesday with New York and New Jersey auditions, with audition episodes in other cities airing twice a week through February 10. The Hollywood Week episodes will air February 16th and 17th, followed by the Las Vegas episode on the 23rd.

The judges will reveal 20 semifinalists, who will compete for votes on March 1st and 2nd. Based on votes, the judges will reveal 10 finalists on March 3rd -- 5 men, 5 women.

They'll also announce two "Wild Card" picks to round out the Top 12.

Other notable moments from today's press tour: Steven said he's wanted to work with J. Lo since he saw her in "The Backup Plan" and Randy promised "A little less 'yo's, a little more 'no's."

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Truth:  1478 days ago

Steven said he's wanted to work with J. Lo since he saw her in "The Backup Plan"

Obviously Steven Tyler has no taste in movies. Next.

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Ambiance:  1478 days ago

Oh man, they didn't do the one single, simple thing that would add more years to this show's life and make it infinitely more fair - have a female idol and a male idol. The teenyboppers could continue to vote for the cutest guy without affecting the female outcome.

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