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HOT PICS: Adam Levine & GF's Sizzling Video Shoot!

Tourists on the Santa Monica pier got more than they bargained for this afternoon -- when they were treated to a half-naked make-out session between sexy Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his Victoria's Secret girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna!

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The two, clad in only their underwear, got it on under the sheets on the pier while tourists and crew members looked on as part of a music video shoot.

This is Anne's second appearance in a Maroon 5 video -- she also was featured in the one for "Misery."

The couple has been dating since early last year, after they met at a Sports Illustrated party in Las Vegas.

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Hisjules:  1474 days ago


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theramzzey:  1474 days ago

He's my Wonderwall.

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Chris:  1474 days ago

Adam Levine looks nasty, nasty, nasty with those ugly tattoos! Imagine being as gorgeous as he used to be and totally ruining it! His mother must be some proud. What a train-wreck! Had no idea he was sooooooooooooo shallow. Guess money can't buy you class!

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M:  1473 days ago

Typical shallow, stupid man with his stunning girlfriend who most likely has nothing to offer but her looks. I predict it won't last.

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Lizzy:  1473 days ago

Jealous much people??

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