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"Jersey Shore" Alum Angelina: Newbie Deena Is "Ridiculous!"

"Jersey Shore" newcomer Deena Cortese continued her troublemaking ways during Thursday night's episode, and booted cast member Angelina Pivarnick tells TooFab that Cortese is an entitled trainwreck that never should have happened!

"I do not like her," Pivarnick says of Cortese. "Not to be rude or anything, but that's just my opinion. I don't think they cast the right person to take my spot. I feel like she thinks that she runs the house. Meanwhile, she's nothing more than a replacement!."

Pivarnick says she's met Cortese--and wasn't impressed. "I've met her, she's ridiculous. She actually came up to me one night when I was out, and she started to fight with me. She's just a really controversial person. She always thinks she's right, and she isn't!"

And Pivarnick says Cortese thinks she's a much bigger star than she is: "She really needs to learn that she's not as hot as Kim Kardashian. She's not as smart, she's not as business-savvy. She basically is just a girl that MTV thought would be the best thing because she's kind of like Snooki in a way."

Adds Pivarnick, who plans to release a second single on Jan. 29, "She's not an original cast member, and she'll never be an original cast member. She really needs to learn that because she really does think that she's the best, and everyone should bow down to her. She needs to realize that she came into the house on the third season, she's not an original."

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snicks:  1476 days ago

Sorry Angelina..but dont hate on people in the house cause you couldn't take the heat and EVERYONE in the house hated left in season one and tried to return like nothing happened in season 2 then left again so you are not original cast member either cause you didnt stay for the whole season..and you thought you were the sh*t as well and everyone should bo down to you..

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kim8mio:  1476 days ago

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Areader:  1476 days ago

Angelina sounds like a jilted bride!

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angie_is_a_hater:  1476 days ago

...and it looks like Angelina has been hitting the cafeteria instead of the gym! With her looking like a blubbery seal, who wants to see her on the Shore anyways!

I know the camera can manipulate things, but at least Deena looked pretty good in her bikini!

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e:  1476 days ago

angelina is right, the new girl is disgusting just like snooki and that other girl j-whoever. mtv needs to be more selective when it comes to who they put on tv. those 3 girls r s***.

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Debbie:  1476 days ago

At least she has a real personality unlike the plastic one that Angelina had, remember trying to act so coy when she was a whore the whold time, pleeeeze, and the new girl is a looker unlike the ugly skank Angelina!!

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Lu:  1476 days ago

They are all dumb b****es, annoying and fake.

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sPaNkDeNALgAs:  1476 days ago

Well, I'd rather watch the Cortese girl any day over Angelina

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italiano11:  1476 days ago

in my opinion all they have in common is two wet holes use them for that then move on dont put em on mtv there trashy treat em like that no love for hoes deena does look like a gremlin look at snooki she wonders why she dont get laid come on id rather beat off ya dig

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Cheri:  1476 days ago

Is it just me or did her opinion, just chase it's tail ? This chick is an idiot.

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jackie :  1476 days ago

does it matter what this girl thinks? does it matter what the jersey shore girls think. they cant think. they are showing girls in america that its okay to get drunk, show your ta ta's and sleep with anyone who comes around. so sad. nasty nasty girls. so who cares if deena is acting like she rules. who cares. i dont watch the show and just from what i see on commercials im very disappointed in mtv for showing girls its okay to be seen like that. disgusting.

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Kristi:  1476 days ago

Whether Deena is a looker or not, she already fits into that house better than Angelina ever did and better than Sammi does now. By the end of the season, it will feel like she was always a member of the cast, and Angelina will be a fleeting memory.

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Jill H.:  1476 days ago

Angelina needs to shut her mouth. She is ridiculously annoying... There was nothing about her on the Jersey Shore that was likable. I wish JWOWW would have kicked her ass!

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alanna:  1451 days ago

angelina is just jealous because shes ugly, fat, an instigator and can't sing for ****...just face it , your 15 minutes are over... deal with it

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vegasprincess:  1443 days ago

angelina just trying to get some tv time with tmz! deanna fits in with the boys and girls of jersey shore. its just jelousy!

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