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IDOL: Kara DioGuardi Lands New TV Gig!

0114_kara_singleKara DioGuardi will be a judge on a reality show again ... but it's not "American Idol."

The former "Idol" judge will appear with newly-pregnant Jewel on the Bravo show "Platinum Hit," a show for competing songwriters.

Trying to distance herself from her previous gig, which she says was "incredible," Kara says "I'm here as a hit songwriter" -- adding that she'll be helping to show others the way to success.

The show premieres this summer.

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Areader:  1473 days ago

Good for Kara!

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Barry Chewning:  1371 days ago

Kara, I think you added alot to Idol. There loss. You are very first Class.!!!! I think your new show will be a huge winner.Young kid's every were write word's for song's. My granddaughter is 13. an has already wrote about 30 song's. With no help from no one. There good.She is learing guitar. Doing very well on it.The good thing about your show, Is that it will help young people everywere. WE have no idear, How To help her. for fear someone will take her word's or song's. She has been writeing her on word's an music. an sitting on it. So I think your show will address alot of questions, also help kid's. Jewel, Is just a great Woman to have with you. I fill the show will be a huge hit. I wish you the best.

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