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FAB FOTOS: Kim Kardashian's Sexiest TwitPics!

Kim Kardashian set computer screens on fire yesterday after posting a sexy photo of herself in a barely-there bikini on Twitter -- but it's not the first time she's used the site to flaunt her hot bod!

From her revealing Halloween costumes to her many, many bathing suit photo shoots, check out Kim's hottest TwitPics!

Comments (8)

wifey:  1433 days ago

Go ahead Kim, you're killing them. Let me get myself on the floor to start crunching right effing now, so I can maybe, kinda, sorta look like that come spring.

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catht:  1433 days ago

Susan recommended me a nice black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with.... :D

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ozan:  1431 days ago

kımm baby..
sexy back:))

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i like your clothing line and shoes and handbags.

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larry byorn:  1422 days ago

obvious why number 1 in industry always best

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Léa:  1421 days ago

Kim, You're awesome! People talk of roundess, I don't see that. I'm your biggest fan! I admire you, really. Sorry for the bad translation, I'm a French girl. I love you!

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jme:  1417 days ago

braso nk kocak jh kim kardashian nih..

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miguel:  1301 days ago

you´re a perfect and very beautiful woman

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