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EXCLUSIVE! Jersey Shore's Sammi Perfume Ad!

"Jersey Shore" star Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola has a new perfume line coming out -- and TooFab has your first look at her ad campaign!


The photo, taken earlier this week, shows a posh and sophisticated looking Sammi walking through the streets of NYC with a bag of flowers. We're told the photographer wanted a "candid" look for the shoot.

As we previously reported, Sammi's scent, DANGEROUS, will be out this spring.

Comments (55)

Shannon:  1475 days ago

Why on earth would I want to buy HER perfume?? She has no personality, no charm and lives in misery. Yeah, I'll be racing to the stores for that one...NOT!!!

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momma:  1475 days ago

I would have to agree with the first comment... and with Deena Nicole, she is a def c word!!! I hope she wallows in her nasty perfume.. she is the most boring, bitchy, self centered egomaniac I have ever seen....

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Irene:  1475 days ago

I agree with the first comment as well, I wounld NEVEr buy HER perfume!!!!!!!

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Susan:  1475 days ago

She looks chic and classy in the pictures instead of cheap and slutty! Still, who wants her perfume?

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Jacki:  1475 days ago

If it smells good then I'm going to buy it END OF STORY...It doesnt matter who endorses it, its about what I like, and if I like it then I'll get it.

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Me:  1475 days ago

I like Sammy, she's the only pretty and decent one from the show. I wish Ronnie had treated her better ! Then she wouldn't be so sad and bitter like everyone claims she is. If her perfume smells good, I will buy it.

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Beth:  1475 days ago

I agree. She is annoying and expects people to like and feel sorry for her. She's the one who allows her so called boyfriends to cheat and verbally abuse her. She has been told and warned by many people but takes it out on them for getting in her business. She's so fake and I can't stand listening to her. It's old! Please get rid of her and get someone else. Stop whining and get some help.

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Tiago:  1475 days ago

Yea.. let's be Ronnie for turning Sammi into a miserable c*nt. Can't wait for her to leave the show. I watch the Shore with my girl & it's obviously a waste of time but I have a good laugh at the degenerates. I could barely call this entertainment. Gotta go, T SHIRT TIME!

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sPaNkDeNALgAs:  1475 days ago

guess misery likes to smell good too!!!

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Belize:  1475 days ago

I totally agree! Perfume from Sammy??? PLEAZE!!! WHATEVER! She can keep her damn perfume

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Sabrina:  1475 days ago

You ppl take reality tv wayyy too seriously. Her "misery/drama" is just for show ratings, obviously anyone with a brain would know that.

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jackie :  1475 days ago

goodness, really today in society you wouldnt buy something cause the person who made it is sad. this world is so sad. and i guess if snooki had a perfume you would run out and buy it. i mean all i can think of if snooki had a perfume out it would be called skank and smell like she smells the next morning after being out all night drinking and having sex with men she just met. yeah i wanna smell like that. sure sammi is sad, but she had a man that was a jerk, friends who back stabbed her and why i seriously think they all wanted ronni so why not make her look like a jerk. but those girls just showed american girls young girls that its okay to stab your friends in the back for man. yeah thats great america...thats you hear the sarcasm. i hope her perfume does great and those other females (cause they are far from women. women dont act like that) are jealous as all that.

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cuppycake81:  1475 days ago

Her perfume should be named selfpitty...she is always feeling sorry for herself!!! I cannot stand her or any of her drama for that matter. She hides behind Ronny and does not allow him to laugh or live. Who would want to buy her sorry product and make her an even bigger celebrity than she deserves to be? She sucks do not buy her products!!!

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Carlos :  1475 days ago

wee wee

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Annie:  1475 days ago

I personally like Sammi, and think she is the only one on the show with morals and class. If you don't like her then don't waste your time writing negative things about her. Congrats on the perfume line Sammi!!

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