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FAB FOTOS! "Teen Mom 2" Star With Her Mom!

The volatile relationship between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara is central to the new season of "Teen Mom 2" -- but things appear to be patched up ... for now.

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Last week's action-packed first episode ended with Barb serving her daughter with custody papers and a expletive-filled tirade between the two -- but Barbara, Jenelle and Jenelle's adorable son Jace, were spotted over the weekend in South Carolina actually smiling and looking happy to be around each other.

FYI -- Filming for the show took place last year, so they've had some time to cool off.

A new episode of "Teen Mom 2" airs tonight.

Comments (50)  1464 days ago

Is it me or does teen mom (2) star, Jenelle, look similary and strangely like a younger Jena Malone?

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Bam:  1460 days ago

Jennelle's Mom needs to let her help raise her child. She is a very mean, controlling person. She claims she wants the best for the baby, but I think she wants "CONTROL".

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Jack:  1441 days ago

Her mom makes me sick...she's always putting Jennelle down and not even giving her a chance to raise her own child. Very mentally abusive and a control freak! Seems like she's trying to make up for taking care of Jace because she didn't do a good job of raising her own daughter Jennelle.

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Liz:  1436 days ago

Well Jack, I'm sure Jenelle deserves every comment for being so irresponsible. The girl goes out to party late night, forgets about her child, and then expects respect from her mother. she constantly disrespects her mother on television and then wonders why her mom doesn't love her. I would Never disrespect my mother by yelling at her face. Jenelle needs to grow up and be responsible. Her son is gonna grow up ****ed up

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LEE:  1422 days ago

How much do the stars of Teen Mom 2 make-Enough to rent an APT,Get an education,Car so what the hell is the problem with money.

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Santeria:  1422 days ago

First off a real mother would never call her daughter a whore or bitch or slut! A mother's role is to protect and love a child build them up not tear them down she is abusive not in a physical way but in a verbal way a young mother has to learn from mistakes I had a child young and my daughter was burning up with a fever so I wrapped her in a blanket because my mother told me to sweat a fever but you do not sweat a fever you put in a cool bath kinda off point but my mom was wrong just because they are older does not mean they are always right I think Janell needs the chance to be a mom without her mother breathing down her neck all the time her mom is a evil bitch and if she were my mom I would have left home along time ago!!

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Crystal:  1404 days ago

I could not agree with everybody more,bout the fact that Janelle's mother is a mentally & verbally abusive nasty bitch!!It's obvious Janelle does all the stupid irresponsible things she does,cause yea the girls got problems because a her mother,& she's doing all this bad stuff,cause she's crying out for help & attention!If her mother would be a better mother & let Janelle also be a mother to her son,I bet that Janelle would completely turn herself around on the right path!She even showed it on the one episode how she started crying to that piece a **** boyfriend a hers,how nobody loves her,& that her mother doesn't love her,Etc.!So she ended up in the arms a that deadbeat loser boyfriend a hers,cause he was at least giving her some type of attention, that she don't get from her own mother!

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Katie:  1404 days ago

I agree with number 5 they act like there so broke but they get paid to be on that show look at Maci from the first Teen Mom she got a boob job, so it makes you wonder if its fake!!!!

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brittany:  1404 days ago

ur all matter how "disrespectful" a parent is to you it never gives you the right to be disrespectful back!!!if you dont like their ways get the hell out the house and no matter how much of a bitch her mom is if it wasnt for her that baby wld be doomed, jenelle really needs a reality check...I became a mother at a young age and thats not an excuse for being a bad mom, it's called growing the f*** up!!!plain and simple!

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Christina:  1404 days ago

Im poor need to let my teen know a fast way to get rich huh!!! Stupid show

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Lauren:  1404 days ago

Jenelle Evans is a very beautiful girl. She is my favorite of all of the teen mothers from Teen Mom 2. Jenelle's mother is very strict and controlive. Yes, If it wasn't for her then Jace wouldn't have what he needs. But I truly believe that Jenelle loves her son, Jace, with all of her heart. Watching the episode of Teen Mom 2 where Jenelle was trying to play and take care of Jace but her mother refused to let her. That really upset me. She always complains about how bad of a mother Jenelle is and that she never takes care of her son, but when Jenelle trys to her mom won't let her. They are both right. Just they have a weird way of getting through things. Even though I love Jenelle, I feel bad for her mother because Jenelle makes her worry all of the time. But hey, now Jenelle gave over her custody of Jace to her mother so she an go do her things once in a while. I could go on for days, but I don't want people to judge me for typing a lot. So Jenelle I love you, take care of your adorable son and love him to death! Take care! Goodbye. <3

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Sara:  1404 days ago

I've been watching the show and can honestly see both sides here. I was a teen mom too, but I chose to raise my children the best I could and I believe Jenelle would to if her mother would back off and let her be a mom. However Jenelle has not showed much maturity lately. It's almost as though she has given up. So Jenelle hang in there and straighten yourself up first, and then get your son back. As far as her mom Barbara you can't treat your children like they don't matter or this is what happens. I have a 15yr old daughter that I tell everyday how much I love her. Jenelle should also keep in mind that she needs to love herself and not look for that in guys.

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allrslutsunoit2:  1404 days ago

What a great premise. Be a irresponsible slut make partying and sex a priority. Then have a baby that you don't,wont,CANT take care of and expect your mommy and myself (all taxpayers) to GIVE YOUR child insurance & food, and YOUR DUMBAZZ free GED CLASSES. All the while MTV is filming your demise to entertain the rest of the TARDS you call fans. HAHAHAHA ALL YOU SIMPLETONS ASKING YOU WANT THIS SUPERSIZED?? GOOD F'ING LUCK HAHAHA

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tracey:  1403 days ago

im assuming that all the comments being made about jenelles mother are from teenagers it explains why none of them see jenelle for what she really is irresponseable lazy and a theif she could care less about that child because if she did she would straighten out her life and easy for people to put her mother down when you are not the one dealing with and putting up with her nonsense and her mothers concern is her child and if that little bitch ever talked to me the way she talks to her mother she would be in icu because i would beat her ass

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Valerie :  1403 days ago

Maybe her mom is controlling, SO WHAT! If her ho of a daughter had her **** together she would have custody of her child and living on her OWN! Janelle is a sorry excuse of a mother. You can't pick n choose when you want to be a mother, it's a 24 hr job! Every time I watch this garbage of a shoe it p!sses me oFF!

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