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FAB FOTOS! Getting Ready For Baby: "Bachelor" Stars Jesse & Ann Csincsak!

"Bachelorette" alum Jesse Csincsak and his "Bachelor" alum wife Ann Lueders are expecting their first child at the end of January--and TooFab's got exclusive "getting ready for baby" photos...and the baby's gender and name!

Jesse reveals to TooFab that the couple are having a boy! "We definitely wanted to know. The first appointments that we had were in Phoenix, and it was really early on, and they go, 'There's no doubt about it. it's gonna be a boy!,' and I was like 'that's right, that's my son!'"

Ann chimes in, "We found out when we were like thirteen weeks [along], which is so early, and the doctor was like, 'Oh yeah, you can definitely tell it's a boy,' and you could see Jesse's face light up."

As for the name, "Ann and I have chosen to name him Noah Csincsak. We're stil not sure about the middle name."

Jesse, a former "Bachelorette" winner who was engaged for four months in 2008 to DeAnna Pappas, and Ann, a one-time "Bachelor" contestant, wed in August 2010 at a Las Vegas hotel.  At the time, she was four months pregnant. They met last year on a cruise for former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants, and got engaged just weeks before their wedding.

Comments (12)

S.A.:  1467 days ago

Fabulous photos - great couple...CONGRATS!

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Tigerl:  1467 days ago

WOW!Looks like the happy couple have a lot to be happy and proud of with a baby boy on the way! Great pics!

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Larry "The Amigo" Milian:  1467 days ago

Ann, you have that gleam, girl!!! You look great!!! Actually, you look stunning!!! I am sooooo happy for you guys!!! Kisses from Zuly and Larry!

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RMN:  1467 days ago

Absolutely beautiful and so endearing! You can see the LOVE and PRIDE in your eyes. Congratulations and lots of love, luck and happiness!

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Kaye:  1466 days ago

Wonderful article and fabulous photos!!

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Jean:  1466 days ago

Great pictures. Your baby is going to be beautiful just like the both of you. Congratulations. God bless all three of you. I wish you much happiness.

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Anne:  1466 days ago

What beautiful photos of a beautiful couple in love with each other and their baby. Best Wishes!

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Dawn Reed:  1465 days ago

Ann your so beautiful! Jesse is on lucky fellow! Pregnancy really sits well with you. It is really wonderful you two decided to get these pictures done. My favorite is with Jesse kissing your belly!! So loving!!! Sending you much love from home!(Amherst)

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Dianna:  1465 days ago

Congrats Jesse and Ann! I knew Jesse long ago when he was a boy. Many blessings! Your whole world is about to change! How awesome!

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Linda:  1461 days ago

Great photos! Ann is so beautiful! You two make a great couple. Kudos to the photog for capturing some very tender moments.

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Lynn:  1461 days ago

Beautiful, just beautiful!! Such a special time, captured perfectly in photos. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures. Blessings to you both, and to baby Noah.

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Christine:  1461 days ago

Congratulations! I love hearing happy news about such wonderful people. It's great to see you so happy Jesse. Ann is stunning.

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