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FASHION: Khloe Kardashian's Rihanna-esque Spread!

Khloe Kardashian is giving off a serious Rihanna vibe in her new photo shoot for YRB Magazine!

The photos, just released today, show the reality TV star working some crazy couture while rocking red hair. The shoot was actually done before Khloe actually dyed her locks -- but she says it was the "inspiration" for the change.

Khloe blogged about the shoot on her website, saying "YRB is known for being very wild and crazy with the content they publish, so I jumped at the chance to work with them! I love experimenting with different looks and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that."

The photos were taken by Mike Ruiz -- check out the full set!

Comments (32)

Southerngal:  1467 days ago

Sorry, but there is nothing you can do to make this gal look purdy! Not when both her sisters are hotties, she will always be a nottie. Sorry, Khloe, but find something else to do. Oh, and I'm ugly too so I know what I'm talkin' bout.

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unreal:  1467 days ago

Get it girl!!! K-lo looks stunning, I'm glad she's finding her own glam, it must be hard to constantly be compared to her sisters.

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THE SHEENY MAN:  1467 days ago

That's a lot of meat wrapped in some rotten bacon...

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Rochelle:  1467 days ago

Khloe looks Fab! Funny how people can be negative towards her but how do you guys look behind the computer. I think she is a pretty girl and glad she is finally getting her time in the limelight.

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victor:  1467 days ago

sorry - but all theses look like is a fat kelly she so vain to think that she could pull off this type of shoot? her whole face takes over the covef


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mike:  1467 days ago

Giant sasquatch spotted in magazine spread

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BJ:  1466 days ago

People are such haters!!!!! Get a life people and feel better about yourself.

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Polly Schillig:  1466 days ago

You go girl! I'd like to see more "Klhoe as Khloe". She is a beautiful girl, the one Kardashian daughter who could(should)be a full fledged model - she has the height!!(her sisters, while equally beautiful, will never be tall enough for the runway!) Designers would surely embrace her stature, no runway star has ever been 5'3" or under. Khloe, you've got what it takes -BEAUTY, BRAINS, and HEIGHT!

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Caligurl:  1466 days ago

Why are people so RUDE!!! get a life & stop hating on her! She is a GORGEOUS person. I LOVE that she is REAL & can relate to her!

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:):  1466 days ago

Khloe Kardashian looks really nice here!
Love her new hair colour, but love her old hair colour as well!!
You hair looks better long but does look nice like this! :)

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Katee Barker:  1466 days ago

I am gonna have to STRONGLY DISAGREE with the people on here that OBVIOUSLY don't know what true beauty is!!!!!!
-Khloe, Baby girl! You keep being you! While everyone is getting plastic surgery and looking like Lisa Rina You my love will always be a NATURAL BEAUTY. Don't get me wrong you sisters and Pretty But A very made up Pretty (lots of makeup, eyelashes and lots of hair spray) every time i've ever seen you on T.V. and once when i saw you in person you were so BEAUTIFUL! BTW I LOVE THE RED HAIR! All the people that say hurtful things are the ones that are on Welfare and prolly UGLY just have their panties in a bundle because they have never done anything with their lives and only accomplished an employee of the month award! Keep being you doll. Because frankly the you that you are makes you beautiful INSIDE AND OUT!
Katee Barker

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Ginger Montgomery:  1466 days ago

these haters are probably the same ppl who complain when the other Kardashian sisters are on magazine covers... y'all need to recognize tht Khloe is doin her thing and she looks damn good doin it

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TOM:  1466 days ago


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KGurl:  1466 days ago

I've always admired khloe. For her beauty and confidence. shes had self-esteem issues about her weight, so why do you have to tear her down? So you can feel better about your sorry life? sorry, I forgot you dont have a life. so get out of hers.
Love ya Khloe! -- KGurl

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nat:  1466 days ago

khloes an attractive girl ... but this look doesnt work for her

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