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FASHION: Kim Kardashian: No Bra, No Problem!

Kim Kardashian fought gravity last night and won!

Wearing no bra and probably some strategically-placed sticky tape, Kim vamped it up for David Letterman last night -- looking sexy in a revealing, sequin-covered black dress.

Kim and Kourtney were on "The Late Show" to promote their new show, "Kim & Kourtney Take New York" -- where Kim said the two "probably gained about 10 pounds eating all the nuts on the street corners" during their time in the city!

Check out Kim and Kourtney's sexy style!

Comments (35)

Gab:  1468 days ago

Those are silicon bags in her breasts. I can't think of anything more humiliating then to have such low self esteem that in order to please others, I would go under the knife to put silicone into my breasts. On top of that it will need maintenance and changed every 6-7 years. More pain, more surgery. What for? Be who you are! This is not good Kim. It is not good for you. You seem to be obsessed with your appearance. I would love to see a picture of you once running in a field of wild flowers, smiling and natural. This self imposed sultry look is *not* you. And help your little sisters grow up kids, not fashonistas, whatever that is.

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Melissa :  1468 days ago

if she was flat chested like the Kate Hudson or Keira Knightly...the dress wouldnt look as good. Having a boy-like chest wouldn't make the dress look more classy... She looks fine!

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MT Pockets:  1468 days ago

Actually, Kate Hudson recently got her breasts done, albeit not as large as Kim's. Don't make the assumption they are silicone becase they very well might be saline. Also, you do not have to get them "changed" every 6-7 years. If she had gone behind the muscle, it would have looked more natural. You have to admit, she is strikingly beautiful.

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Amanda:  1468 days ago

So, what im getting from the previous comments above is that implants= sad, pathetic sluts with low self esteem...Well guess what, as a woman with IMPLANTS , I can honestly say they were the best decision of my life, I didn't get them to please other people I got them so i could feel better about myself...and in fact when it comes down to it...its nobodies business or place to say anything about anyone or what they have had or havn't had done...if i wanna get fake breasts put on my freakin forehead its MY perogitive NOT yours that goes for ANYONE celebrity or everyday joe

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April:  1468 days ago

I think women in general have a lot of pressure to look a certain way---even from OTHER WOMEN! Im sure a lot of the reason anyone gets surgery is the reaction from others. SO girls who get boob jobs feel better about themselves miss the whole point. Why do you need a foreign object placed in your body to feel "better" about yourself? Girls like the commenter who called small breasted women boys have a lot to do with it. Of course you will feel better if society brainwashes you to believe you are inadequate--duh. I would never change what God gave me.

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LOLLYPOP666:  1468 days ago

AGREED! I have implants and I LOVE them. To all you haters out there its called MAINTENANCE!!! Some women out there care about what they look like and take care of themselves. I dont think anyone should go overboard but their is nothing wrong with getting their breast done. Kim you look HOT and could stand up to any twenty year old !!!Insecure Women out there just cant stand a beautiful girl.

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Debra:  1468 days ago

Can anyone see this is a cry for help.this women need help bad.lately she have been looking more and more like a slut pome star.i think she is missing reggie so bad she dont care anymore how she did not dress like that around reggie well not the way is dressing now.she w
Reggie bad.

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jaw:  1468 days ago

So sad to see women distort themselves with implants. There is no "enhancement" to improve the beauty of the female body, they only detract from the natural form.
Women are beautiful naturally, why not accept what you have and be content.

Likes 0 Dislikes 0  1467 days ago

I think the point here is that Kim vehemently denies having breast implants even though it's obvious she has them. If she wants to be a role model for young girls (as she so often claims), she needs to be honest about the thousands of dollars she has shelled out for plastic surgery.

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I think the point here is that Kim vehemently denies having breast implants even though it's obvious she has them. If she wants to be a role model for young girls(as she so often claims, she needs to be honest about the thousands of dollars she has shelled out for plastic surgery.

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DALUA:  1467 days ago

Apparently some people like to put their 2 cents in without the facts.....implants and the way they are inserted have come a long way and need not be replaced. If done by an experienced, reputable plastic surgeon...The surgery itself isn't painful, according to my patients it simply feels as if you had worked out very hard and typically lasts only a few days. There is also minimal bruising and swelling...if any. I am not speaking from personal experience as I do not have or need impants....its coming from a professional point of view based on my experiece as a Plastic Surgery OR Nurse

Kim K is absolutely stunning but does tend to show too much skin from most of the time which does "cheapen" her a bit. I think her breasts look great, she just needs to show a little less of them. She needs to tone it down a bit, as someone else said she is 30yrs old now.

The dress is horrendous and couldn't look good on anyone!

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Andraya:  1467 days ago

I think she looks absolutely beautiful! I have implants because of breast cancer..I am larger than before but it was MY choice... Go Kim!!

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2drk2fck:  1467 days ago

Hate to "bust" your bubble about maintenance but my implants were done by a very skillful surgeon and very expensive & sure enough one burst and yes they were under the muscle and saline. I had them removed. I thought they were too fake looking and felt very weird under my skin just like balloons. I did it for modeling jobs not to make myself feel better but I get why women do it. To each his own but yeah women are looking pretty pornish now days, scary.

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Madi:  1467 days ago

Well, I neither have, nor need, implants. I am a natural DD, and, it feels good to show off sometimes! She is an absolutely gorgeous woman whom obviously wants to share it with the world. Nothing wrong with that.

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misteeq:  1467 days ago

omg now sats wat i class as a whore cant she think of anything else to do to stay in the media other than showing off her body she makez me sik

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