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SNEAK PEEK: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Reunion!

The first promo for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special is here -- and it looks like one explosive event!

With Camille Grammer dropping bombs like "I didn't know he had a lover at the time" and "This whole season was set up to make me look bad," the sparks fly between her and Kyle Richards -- Camille eventually branding Kyle a "bully."

Also note worthy: Lisa Vanderpump calling someone an "egotistical, narcissistic, vindictive, vile piece of ..." and her husband unloading on a mystery man for saying he hates Lisa and their children.

The two-part finale airs January 27 and February 1.

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miapocca:  1469 days ago


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LAURA:  1462 days ago

its no mystery....its obviously cedric that ken is talking about!!!!!!

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Rachel Rothechild:  1461 days ago

They are rich we are not and they still act like children.

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Annette:  1461 days ago

Saw the 1st segment last night. Camille & Kim both come across as delusional. Kim really cracks me up with her version of the run-in with Taylor. Like Taylor was gonna slap her (like I would have). Camille just looks even more loony trying to get sympathy. definitely going to have re-entry problems now that she can't be "Mrs. Kelsey Grammer". Lisa is the most amusing one, made me laugh til I cried.

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kay ziegler:  1461 days ago

At the Housewives Reunion on Thursday evening I thought Cohen spent far too much time talking with Camille, as her impeding divorce issues have captured everyone's attention and the gossip that follows. It's really no ones business about the Grammers divorce. Seems to me the Grammers divorce has been questioned and talked to death, and is old news by now. Kelsey will have to find some other national news to be able to lengthen the publics interest in him.

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Patty:  1456 days ago

Sorry but no one is really going after Taylor....she started the fight..Everyone knows Kim did not jump up in her face she just simply stood up and there was not alot of room between the I really think Taylor is the instigator and Kim's sister Kyle needs to back off and realize that no matter what baggage they've had in the past you don't throw you sister under the bus...very high school. I do feel for Kim and if what everyone is saying that she does have a drinking problem then hopefully she does get the help she needs. But that night at Taylor's party was gain up and everyone jumping to conclusions. Shame on you've started tooo many fights because you don't own up to what you've said or done. Did you forget your on camera? I really liked your you in the beginning but come on you never come in between sisters you never come out on top. Own it and apologize like a lady.

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