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Tony Romo's Fiancee Quits Job, Preps For Marriage

Tony Romo's fiancée Candice Crawford--whose brother is "Gossip Girl" star Chace--has left her day job as a TV reporter to focus on becoming Mrs. Romo.

Candice Crawford
According to Dallas media reporter Ed Bark, Crawford's last day at the CW Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate KDAF was Jan. 8.

Romo, 30, popped the question at a Dallas restaurant in December in front of the former beauty queen's family during her 24th birthday party, just weeks after his ex Jessica Simpson got engaged to another football star, Eric Johnson. Romo and Crawford began dating in late 2009.

Although Simpson and Romo, who began dating in 2007 and split in July 2009, have moved on, she told David Letterman last year, "Tony is great–still a friend of mine. I still look at his cute butt in the outfit – uniform."

Comments (5)

Debi:  1362 days ago

Cute couple. I heard Tony is a genuine lucky her. I wish them the best.

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rob:  1362 days ago

she is way too good looking for romo.

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John:  1362 days ago

They are genuinely in love...who cares if she is out of his league looks-wise. Most of us guys marry up anyway...I know I did...and you did too! Don't lie!

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jamie:  1361 days ago

Way too good looking for romo. I don't know what the hype about his attractiveness is all about.

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Lee:  1338 days ago

Tony's just after whatever blond bimbo he can get.

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