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NEWS: 'Basketball Wives' Star Slams Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian lashed out at MTV's "Teen Mom" this week--and now, "Basketball Wives" star Ashley Walker is slamming Kardashian, telling TooFab that she's not one to judge!

Walker, a former teen mom herself, tells TooFab, "No one understands the struggle of a teenage mom, except for the person that has walked in their shoes and Kim Kardashian cannot throw stones because it is teenage girls and teenage moms that are looking up to her."

The VH1 reality star continues, “A lot of these girls come from poverty and there are situations that I can’t even relate to.  When you are marketing yourself to teenage girls by promoting silly bands one day and then being on the cover of a magazine naked the other day, you are confusing them.”

But the two women do agree on something though: "Teen Mom" has room for improvement.

Walker tells TooFab, “My stance about the show Teen Moms is that if they show more of the girls actually getting counseled, facilitate teen moms in pursuing educational, personal and career goals as well as positive parenting skills then maybe the show would not get so much backlash. “

Walker, a graduate from The University of New Orleans, speaks to teenage mothers at high schools and even started a mentorship group called A Girl's Life for the same purpose.

For more info check out Ashley's website.

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bri marne':  1466 days ago

Until kim moves otta tht glass house she needs to refrain from throwing stones....

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Patricia:  1466 days ago

even do I love kim, I think her comments are not acurate, I'm a teen mom, and I can tell you what the shows portreis is the thruth, it also gives you an idea of what not to do as a parent of teenagers.

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Jersey$horeRocks:  1466 days ago

I love Kim and all the Kardashians but you have to excuse her unintentional ignorance sometimes. these girls were raised with a silver spoon in their mouths and have never known what it is like to struggle. Walker on the other hand has, and she relates personally to this.

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louis:  1466 days ago

Ashley Walker has two kids and she is still not married. Maybe she should concern herself with getting her former washed up NBA player fiance to put a ring on her finger.

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Ash85:  1466 days ago

I think that Teen Mom shouldn't be shown. I agree with Kim. I understand the show is showing the struggles that teen mom's go through, but when Teen Girls watch this show, they think, hey I'm gonna get pregnant so I can get on that MTV show. And I believe that is where Kim is coming from. I see nothing wrong with her comments about the show.

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Jersey$horeRocks:  1465 days ago

I definitely think the show gives true insight into the real struggles of teen parenting. It shows a side that would never know unless you experienced it first hand. I think it's a perfect opportunity for teens to see it not all glamour and walks to the park. I think it's ridiculous how much these teen moms get paid to do this show one mom reported she was paid $200.000 !!! I definitely think it's great though in showing how 90% of these cases do not end up in a happily ever after life like most pregnant teenagers think.

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Dani:  1462 days ago

Ashley Walker is a vile, worthless excuse for a female! I feel so sorry for her kid(s)! She's OBVIOUSLY jealous of Kim and HER SUCCESS! Ashley is a gold-digging tramp and her "reality" show is a disgrace! I'm sure her basketball "hubby" cheats on her and more importantly, he most likely fantasizes about Kim Kardashian & would much rather be with her! Haha!

How ignorant can you be Ashley??! No one really gives a **** about a teens struggle when she gets HERSELF KNOCKED UP! I mean really...are CONDOMS that hard to come by?! Give me a break & lay off the excuses. She mentions living in poverty?...well, ummm...even MORE reason to practice SAFE SEX or just not have sex AT ALL! No one feels sorry for them and no one wants to keep hearing these lame, stupid excuses! Ashely states that it's teenage girls that look up to Kim - well duh Ashley - that is exactly why Kim is trying to inform them of the stupidity and consequences of becoming pregnant as a TEENAGER! You're just as bad too got knocked up as a teen, which makes you a whore. Have some self respect girls! NO ONE RESPECTS a teenage mom! NO ONE! They're only looked at as easy sluts. Any guy automatically KNOWS that they're an easy lay!

Ashely apparently does not THINK about what she's saying before she opens her wide trap, because she just sounds ignorant, stupid, jealous, and hateful. Where are her millions of fans/followers? Where's her millions of dollars earned from herself and not some man?! Like I said, Ashley Walker is a money-hungry whore and craves media attention, hence why she attacked Kim like this. She wants to be KIM!!!

MTV is disgusting for making teen pregnancy look like it's acceptable! It's literally an epidemic! I can just see it now...millions of little teen girls with no self-esteem or self confidence purposely getting knocked up just to get on television, magazine covers, and mostly for the money & fame! How sickening! I detest MTV now. Kim is 100% RIGHT!

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CG:  1461 days ago

For the person above me, you have 0 valid points nor do you say anything to back what you are saying. this has NOTHING to do with jelousy and EVERYTHING to do with somehting personal. you sound like a petty 5 year old. seriously. i love kim but i totally agree..shes going nude in playball, W, made a sex tape w/o using protection, and also markets silly banz...? MTV DOESNT MAKE ANYTHING LOOK ACCEPTABLE..WHOS LIFE WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE KIMS AFTER HER SEX TAPE WAS RELEASED OR ONE OF THE TEEN MOMS? SORRY KIMS LIFE LOOKS 100000000X MORE GLORIFIED THAN TEEN MOMS WHITE TRASH LIVESS

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Betty:  1449 days ago

As far as I'm concerned both Teen Mons and The Kardashions should be off
T V as I find them both offensive.Kim is far from a roll model after all the
Porn videos, naked photos etc.

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D.L.:  1449 days ago

KIM K should not making comments about anyone. I don't agree with the teen moms' show on several different issues, but she is not the one to talk about anyone. Neither her or her sisters were teen moms, but that doesn't mean they weren't whores. They still are and if anyone should be ashamed, it should be their gold-digging mother who molded them to do what she did best, use her looks and sexuality to get what she wanted. I don't have any respect for the Kardashians, and I do not feel they should speak out against, anyone with their fake selves.

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MCINAV:  1449 days ago

I can't believe that Kim has not lived in the Playboy mansion.. she is right there on the same level as Kendra.. all the Kardashian girls are foul mouth and disrespectful... well look at the mama what do you expect. Kim is as fake as they come in the plastic industry.

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Mari:  1449 days ago

Kim doesn't know anything about being a teen mom. She is NO better than the show. I agree with Ashley Walker. Kim is promoting silly bands (which children and teens wear)and then she is naked on magazine, which that is not for children or teens what is she telling the teen get naked on a magazine spread to get rich. Giving mixed messages.

Any teen that gets pregnant doesn't make her a whore. They have plenty of women that get pregnant that are whores. So what if Walker is not married, Kourtney is not either. I don't see how the person Dani talks alot of s**t. I hope that if u have a girl or when you have one she don't turn to be a teen mom or a grown-up women with children and not married. You can't speak about anything until you been there.

Kim is only good for taking of her clothes. No one is jealous of Kim. She not a good role model.

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keke:  1449 days ago

I agree with Ashley. Kim can't exactly call out a show if she doesn't know what it's about. She's not my role model because all she shows off are her ASSets. Teen Mom may have its issues, but Kim needs the reality checks. There are pregnant moms still getting an education, working hard for their money and kids.

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ss:  1437 days ago

Kim is only in it to make money and will say and HAS done anything it takes to do that. These days our society rewards bad behavior and the media makes them stars...funny think is that someday they will hit the wall HARD.. becasue after all there is always someone younger and pettier just waiting to out do them because of the path they have paved...which is not anything to be proud of. Miss Kim K is very proud of her 3 milion twitter fabs that earn her /family 65 million per all cannot be that stupid..can you? and of course the teen mom comments Kim K makes being she is the poster child for wholesome and PURE....Just asking...

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shauna:  1437 days ago

I agree with kim and Ashley is a little ignorant, did u see her on bbw? I had my son at a month shy of my 19th birthday and yes I struggled but I got a job, ged and started college & was lucky enough for my mom to let me live at home until I was 21 and I got my own place. Teen mom focuses mainly on the drama and DOES NOT show what the mature teen moms sacrifice and do to mature and provide for thier kids.

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