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Kim Kardashian: My Basketball Beau Is "A Really, Really Good Guy!"

Kim Kardashian says she's smitten with her new boyfriend, New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, but she refrained from saying she's in love with him per se, in an interview with talk show host Wendy Williams.

In an interview airing Friday, Williams asked Kardashian if she's in love with Humphries. Kim responded, "Am I in love with this guy?...He's a really, really good guy, and I think for once, I've taken the time with it. I've known him for months and definitely tried to keep it low-key."

How's their sex life? "I don't kiss and tell," Kardashian said.

As for reports that Kardashian is moving to the East Coast, she said, "I'm not moving to New Jersey. Kourtney and I, with the store, we love New York, [and] Scott's from here. We are definitely checking out having a second kind of permanent place out here."

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louis:  1471 days ago

What is it with Kim K. and black athletes? She claims to be single and then next thing you hear is she is dating another athlete. I remember Kris Humphries when he played for the Dallas Mavericks. This fling will not last.

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Mary:  1471 days ago

She goes through a lot of men. Lets hope this one is the right one.

New York.

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BMa:  1471 days ago

no way!!! Wow...if you want to talk about age, I mean this takes the cake. Kim is 30, and Kris is 25! Who is hotter?!?!? Kris or Kim?

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ANGELA S BROWN:  1471 days ago

What does it matter that Kim wants a mixed or black man? It just makes all these Idiot a-- black women so mad that a white girl,or lighter girl of any other race than you,are jealous hell go get a white man we don't care.stop talking about why do our black men want white girls,respect for 1 thing they get it from us and not all the bitching.I have been married to the same black man for 23 years 24 on the 4th of july and we have never once slept apart in all that time even after giving birth 3 times he staed by my side each time ,respect is a 2 way street give it and get it.JUST STOP HATTIN LIFES TO DAMN SHORT.

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R.K:  1470 days ago

she doesn't kiss and tell? are you serious? Oh yeah I forgot, she doesn't- instead she shows the whole world her homemade sex video. You go girl! NOT! What a sleezy, trashy chick

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Nicole:  1470 days ago

I agree with you Michel!! Angela clearly has something against Black women... her out burst is coming from a deep place of bad experiences with black women.. All because the first comment from "Louis" who I bet is a non-black man lol.. I'm a 25 yr old black woman who had a white, blk, and Mexican bf.. So can honestly tell you we don't care who Kim Kardashian date lol.. its the men who mostly have a problem with her dating a mix guy.. And I agree with Michele on how ignorant you sound to say all black women bitch at our men. You been with your husband for a long time so how do you know all black women bitch.. sound like Angela husband is brain washing her about his mother lol.. anyway all women bitch in their own way.. for you to be a mother of 3 black children, you have issues lol... but Michele I like Kim and Kris together they make a good couple.. good luck Kim!!

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Jdea :  1470 days ago

Wow who cares if she dates around.. She is Human we all do it.

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esther eigege:  1470 days ago

wats wrong with her dating her life and if she is happy then is kool with me.all d best kimmie.

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divajai:  1470 days ago

Well said Michelle! White women who date black men just let them walk all over them; that's why more black men are dating white women. I've seen it many times in old friends I've had. They let the black men do as they please and throw themselves at any black man that comes there way because they dont have standards and take what they can get. Now, Im not saying that's all white women or black men but it's becoming a huge majority. Now, Im a black women and I'll date any race; I dont discriminate and neither should others. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl and hopefully she stops hopping from guy to guy.

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James Caballero:  1470 days ago

you don't kiss and tell but you put out sex videos... hmmmm..

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tlf0810:  1470 days ago

Why is this about race anyway ? Everybody is stereo typing here. Those are all characteristics for every person on this planet, not just one single group. Kim's career may have stared with a sex tape, but she is as big as she is now because she is a successful women. What's the point in hating her, are you that bored? You guys don't know her. Leave Kim alone ! & I believe the question was how long do you think it will last? not talk ****. Good luck Kim!

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Aliyah :  1470 days ago

So what if Kim K's involved in another relationship..she just wants what's best for all the haters please you need to back off cause she's like 30 years of age and i'm sure she's old enough to do whatever she wants and i'm sure there are like hundreds and thousands of people out there who's worst, so y'all just need to chill and back off!!! I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians and their whole family!!

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Valerie:  1470 days ago

Angela S Brown is a down right IDIOT!!! I really can care less who Kim dates as long as she's happy. That's all that matters. However, for Angela to make such an ignorant statement about "Black women bitching all the time" is straight out ridiculous. That's like me saying that all Latinas are "Doormats"! You sound like a damn fool! I hope for your sake you don't have any daughters, because God forbid you have to tell them in the future that all they do is "Bitch". I'm half white & black & I refuse to let any man whether he is black or not, degrade or disrespect me. So if you want to call that "bitching", then so be it. Angela needs a reality check because it sounds to me that she's bitter towards black women for some reason.... Maybe because she's intimidated by a Strong Black Woman LOL. Grow the hell up & learn how to put a correct sentence together boo SMH! Pure Ignorance!!!

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Juiua:  1470 days ago


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carol:  1470 days ago

wow thats cool that someone has an anniversary on the 4th of july just like my parents who are going to be 42 years married this year. it shouldn't matter who kim is with as long as she's happy. quit hating seriously. kim is doing dam good as she's independent and gorgeous to top it off. who knows how much she will last at least she is taking it a day at a time. who knows maybe he will be a keeper and she will end up marrying him and spending their life together with a family. I love her and support her no matter what. I love you kim don't let no one get in the way of your dreams. and just remember your haters are your number one fans!

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