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ONLY ON TOOFAB! How Jim Carrey Met His 'Top Model' Date!

Funnyman Jim Carrey stepped out Thursday night in New York City with Anchal Joseph, a former "America's Next Top Model" contestant, and TooFab's got exclusive details on how the pair met!

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Sources tell TooFab that Joseph, 24, who appeared on the seventh season of "Top Model," met Carrey on the set of his comedy "Mr. Popper's Penguins." Joseph is an extra in the film, appearing in a scene in the movie with other models, sources tell TooFab.

Joseph may be busy juggling a relationship and her career: Two other projects in the works include a role on Halogen TV's "Nobel Exchange," as well as a role in director Garry Marshall's film "New Year's Eve," a sequel to "Valentine's Day."

The pair were spotted Thursday leaving the play "Time Stands Still."

The movie, currently filming in New York City and slated for a June release, is about a businessman who inherits six penguins, and transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland.

Comments (15)

ltd:  1471 days ago

if jims happy, im happy for him

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LA Woman:  1471 days ago

She's WAY too young for him.

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mooshki:  1471 days ago

This is weird. She was completely lacking in personality on the show.

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irene :  1471 days ago

Give me more MORE news........

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Who_gives_a_damn:  1471 days ago

Neither are attractive. Her personality sucks and she has serious self esteem issues. He has money so the ho's will flock.

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joyce:  1471 days ago

she was so boring and such a pushover on the model show no backbone poor jim

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Bridget:  1471 days ago

F their relationship. He can bone whoever he wants, what amazed me is that she's getting roles (even if she's an extra) in movies. Hopefully it stays with non-speaking roles because she didn't seem like she would have any acting ability. However, if she was on ANTM she must have been able to act somewhat because let's all face it, "reality tv" is not as "real" as it seems.

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zippy:  1471 days ago

oh yeah you go jim! nothin glike some young stuff, much more into anything you want to try,have fun man,at least she has no kids so no wrinkles and no stretch marks, yet

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Noel S. :  1470 days ago

Yeah Jim!! Out with 42 and in with the 24. Bang her silly.

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Samuel:  1470 days ago

When you are 42 and you lay hands on a hot chic 24, its like christmas in June,bang her silly silly,Jim sweet dreams are made of this ,i'm so happy for you.Sex for Breakfast,sex for Lunch and sex for dinner,whao

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Bob:  1470 days ago

I hope their love and relationship flourishes into a meaningful pairing of mind and spirituality.. if not i hope he bangs her like a tom tom

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Dave:  1470 days ago

Wow, how shallow can a man be? He really only cares about how a woman looks, doesn't he? Younger and cuter, and once they've developed a wrinkle, out the door with them!

Sad that all his money can buy him is someone who only loves him for his money.

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lovehotme:  1468 days ago

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Simon:  1237 days ago

Man this is so sad, 49 year old with a 24. If i was at his position, i would rather masturbate than to be a pedophile like role model.
funny, i use to look up to Jim, little did i know that a guy like me (24) can have sex with a girl that has yet to be born. That is just sick.
I no longer have a respect for him, but admiration as an actor. Because i feel like i have more wisdom than him.

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Travy:  1129 days ago

Jesus Christ! I thought this guy was a cool funny older guy. What a pervert. Alot of peodophile like tendencies. Never thought I would be seeing him doing this. I myself am a young person. 25 years o****e. And I feel really offended. Seems the older generation has no respect and doesn't care about young people any more. We're like sex toys in their eyes. And to make things worse SHE'S East Indian and a " KID ". My Indian pals, and some of the indian community back home are really pissed off at this guy. Hope she gets some common sense, and realise she has a great ethnic culture based on morals, integrity, and a whole future ahead of her. As for Carrey, I've lost total respect for him. He's disgusting. Get a life Carrey. Respect young people,and leave the indian peoples kids alone. And that goes for all the other weirdo stars all over the world as well.

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