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Heather Mills Slams 'Disreputable' Piers Morgan Over Show Ban

Heather Mills is fighting back and slamming Piers Morgan's journalistic credibility -- and CNN for hiring him -- following an interview he gave last week, during which he said Mills has a "lifetime ban" from his talk show.

Morgan told "Entertainment Weekly" that Mills is banned, because after introducing her to ex-husband Paul McCartney in 1999, "I realized I'd pushed one of the world's great gold diggers in the direction of one of my heroes ... by way of any tiny reparation I can make to Macca, she has a lifetime ban."

But in an exclusive interview with TooFab, Mills says, "I was very surprised that a reputable station such as CNN could hire such as disreputable man. It seems the USA is completely unaware of the damage he did to our brave British soldiers."

Mills is referring to the 2004 scandal, when Morgan, then the editor of the U.K.'s "The Daily Mirror," was sacked after the newspaper conceded that pictures of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi detainee were fake. At the time, reports the BBC, the newspaper said in a statement that it had fallen victim to a "calculated and malicious hoax" and that it would be "inappropriate" for Morgan to continue as editor.

Continues Mills, "How quickly people made up of our British soldiers urinating on Iraqi soldiers. He was kicked out of his editing position at 'The Daily Mirror' because of it."

And Mills also said she's shocked that CNN replaced the legendary Larry King with Morgan. "I am shocked that CNN could replace the incredibly classy Larry King with a man who focuses his life on doing harm to others."

Mills, meanwhile, has been training in Austria for the 2014 Paralympic Games. "I'm training in downhill skiiing at over 120 kilometers an hour, and I'm loving it! I never thought I'd be doing this at 43 years old!" She's also been teaching her daughter Bea, 8, how to ski, as well.

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Lisa:  1422 days ago

Notice Heather Mills doesn't deny she's a gold digger (because she clearly showed herself to be one), but instead she attacks his credibility as if that has anything to do with his allegations about her. His show is great fun to watch. More power to him!

As for Heather, stop embarrassing yourself. Really. Haven't you learned by now?

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AnneMarie:  1422 days ago

Definitely not a fan of Ms. Mills but I have to agree with her about Morgan... he is not worth the gum on Larry King's shoe. He has no personality and speaks so fast one can't understand him. He's boring! As a long time follower of Larry in my opinion this was NOT a good choice to take over from Larry or even to be on CNN period! Miss you Larry King - gentleman of interviews!

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Ruth:  1422 days ago

Lifetime bans for both Madonna and Heather Mills and their nine kinds of bs? Amen! If nothing else, that would be enough reason for me to watch. Get over yourselves, ladies. It's about time.

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Truth:  1422 days ago

Mehhh, Morgan's ratings have been dropping like a tank. The entire format sucks; Larry King was much better with live shows, current events, etc. Joy Behar's HLN show is waaay better than Piers Morgan. Douche bag will be gone back across the pond soon enuff. I agree with Mills, choosing this idiot is the worse decision of CNN's history of primetime anchors. This moron does a similar show in UK and it's the same shiet on CNN. WTF??

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rdmcflyers:  1422 days ago

My question is this...why would anyone interview her? what has she done in her life to make her interview-worthy besides be a golddigging nothing that managed to snare a really big stupid fish in McCartney..(who btw should have stuck to mourning his late wife Linda) she has never found a cure for anything, never invented anything to make anyone's life better, never gave her money to the needy...the list is endless..instead of crying that you will not be interviewed by Piers DO SOMEHTING WITH YOUR RIDIULOUS LIFE...

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Wocka:  1422 days ago

Ruth, comment # 3, is right on the money!! Piers is a class act, but I was a little disappointed to see him have the KarTRASHians on last nite. They simply don't rate all of the attention.

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Truth:  1422 days ago

Like being banned on Piers Morgan means anything, yaaawn!!! Being banned on Oprah is 100x more hurtful. The bitch has the ratings and seen in over 100 countries. Morgan is lucky to be seen outside of Atlanta, just sayin. Besides, there are a 100 other talks shows she and Madonna can get on that have higher ratings and viewer ship that than snarky gay Brit!! Next...

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Liz:  1422 days ago

IMO...It would be really nice if Morgan was taken of the show (which he should have never been put as a replacement for Larry King) what was the network thinking of or should I say not thinking. I refuse to watch the show even when Oprah, my mother tried to watch that show but turned to watch something else.

Also, please tell what men would hold something against someone for dumb reason? I am just saying.

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F:  1422 days ago

Piers is a SNORE,a boor and a bore! haha three rhyming ways he's an a**hole!

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Kelly:  1421 days ago

Interesting and unseemly info about Piers! I am not a Mills fan, but I believe she was swept off her feet by Sir Paul (who wouldn't be!)and he was the one who did not want a pre-nup. He said it wouldn't be "romantic". Now that the marriage has failed she's a golddigger. I guess only wealthy women are allowed to marry moneyed men and not be besmirched.

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Jackie:  1391 days ago

Heather Mills has an interesting face, but her features are too irregular to be fashion model material. Did she lie about that too?

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Ron:  1390 days ago

Celebrities loved being interviewed by Larry because in this whole career he never asked a probing question.
I have no idea how this guy survived so long.
Piers Morgan, on the other hand, is not afraid to ask questions we are all thinking.
There is no comparison between the two...Morgan is the big winner.

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Shakeymae:  1390 days ago

Heather Mills is a two-bit wh*ore.
She disgusts me and her bringing up the British soldiers photos is pathetic and classless. Normal for her.
I really enjoy Piers.

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Jean Strachan:  1390 days ago

Yeah, Ron!!! (#12),

Man, I totally agree with you about Larry King who everybody loved but, you are right, he never asked a probing question. And, if the interviewee did not like the question, it was amazing how, suddenly, it was commerical time!!! I never heard LK ask one hard question in the many times I listened but soon gave up and turned to another station. I must admit, I do like Piers.

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Joeschmoe:  1390 days ago

BOTH Larry King and Morgan suck. And PUH-LEEZ...all the tingaccolades for Larry? Give me a break. He was an over-the-hill moron. Larry must be posting these himself.

As for the lowly Ms. Mills....what else is there to say? A total liar and phoney. It's a shame McCartney was such a fool. His kids new what was going on and they tried to straightem him out on it...but Sir Paul apparently cannot be advised...

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