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EYE CANDY: Taraji P. Henson Gets Naked for PETA

Taraji P. Henson is the latest celeb to take it all off for PETA.

The "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" star and former Academy Award nominee strips for the organizations "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign -- following in the nude footsteps of Eva Mendes, Khloe Kardashian, Holly Madison and more.

"I don't think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period," says Henson, "End of story."

Check out the gallery above for more stars who have shed all for the cause!

Comments (15)

r2s:  1463 days ago

she has a GREAT body!

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GG:  1463 days ago

LOVE the tattoo!

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Christy:  1463 days ago

Not usually a fan of bigger tats but I love this one....very sexy!

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Jackie:  1463 days ago

Omg!!..These women made me throw out my cow skin carpet to the garbage. Thanks PETA.

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Peggy:  1463 days ago

I am a very straight woman, but this babe's HOT!

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Lisa :  1462 days ago

Way too tacky....PETA! This looks like some stupid centerfold shot! WTF! What are you trying to endorse here? It does not make one damn statement about saving the lives of animals, however, PETA, you have had your moments as well. Poor choices, very poor. Thumbs down to you.

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Luke:  1462 days ago

Eh, not impressive imo.

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Mo:  1462 days ago

Why do they always airbrush people of color to make them look lighter????? Dark skin is beautiful!

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Monay:  1462 days ago

She looks beautiful! For her to have had a child, she looks awesome!

Plus she's a single mom! Wow!

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Ryan L. Natschke:  1462 days ago

Animals are here for food and clothing. Sitting here in my leather chair, in my wool socks, eating a steak. Thanks God for giving me Animals to enjoy.

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Dana Dane:  1462 days ago

Nice!!! you go girl!! Love the Tatoo too!!!!

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gaurav:  1462 days ago

hot & sexyyyyyyyy.

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Fay:  1462 days ago

Nothing to do with....

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Nicolas:  1461 days ago

Does she also agree with PETA that all medical testing on animals should be stopped?

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person eating tasty animals:  1460 days ago

Peta is stupid people just mad that they cant afford the furs and food the real people eat or wear. What about greenpeace you dont see them getting mad at pepole wear cotton do you???? HUH?? I know if someone from peta throws paint or anything on my stuff or belive me there will be hell to pay and police called for me kicking their face in.

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