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FAB FOTOS: Kim Kardashian's Latest Bikini Spread!

Kim Kardashian is back to doing what she does best: Showing off that killer body in a sexy bikini.

Kim Kardashian FHM Photoshoot
The reality TV star just posted photos from the new FHM UK on her official website, saying "I just received my cover spread for the March issue of FHM Magazine in the UK and I had to share with you guys! This was such a fun shoot. Where my UK fans at?? I love you guys and hope I can visit soon. I love London!"

Earlier this week, Kim made headlines with another magazine shoot -- when she cried on her TV show over her nude spread in W Magazine, calling the pics "full-on porn."

Comments (7)

namers:  1456 days ago

She herself said she didn't want her n i p p l e s or b u t t crack exposed.

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rob:  1456 days ago

Airbrush city.

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Eric:  1456 days ago

She is hot but not as hot as she thinks she should stick to modeling and stop talking trying act, and trying to sing she is famous for getting F**ked on film not for any particular talent. so how much is a talentless entertainer worth obviously alot.

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Fabio:  1455 days ago

im in love with this woman i wish i was famous. i would love to marry her and make her happy

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Bud Goolsby:  1448 days ago

Honestly its her decision to not wanna b exposed...but i agree with fabio shes a beautiful women and i would love to make her mine but thats irrelevant...she just dosent want any jelous ppl starting sh*t so let her enjoy her life and u enjoy urs!!!

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marian:  1448 days ago

wow!!!!she is super hot and just love the kardashian sisters.

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Candy:  1396 days ago

I think all the Kardashians are nice natured people! They are fabulous women! So quit hatin haters!

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