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VIDEO: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' -- Their Biggest Regrets!

The reunion special for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was an explosive one -- and it's clear a couple of the women have some serious regrets over what went down on the show.

The entire cast was asked to air their regrets for the season by Andy Cohen at the end of last night's special -- where Camille Grammer and Kyle and Kim Richards all apologized for their behavior this season.

"I regret what's happened between Camille and me," said Kyle, "I regret not handing any issues I have with my sister or anger towards her better."

As for sister Kim, "I have regrets, I'm glad I did it, but I have regrets. I regret the arguing between Taylor [Armstrong] and I. I regret the arguing between my sister and I, but I don't regret making wonderful friends and being around that today, which is in a great place."

Camille capped off the apologies with a heartfelt apology to Kyle, saying "I have a lot of regrets ... and to Kyle, I'm so sorry. I feel awful. I've had a really tough year and that's no excuse."

So far no word on which housewives would return if the show comes back for a second season -- but we wanna know who you'd like to see ... and who you could do without! Sound off below!

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Violet:  1454 days ago

When I started watching the show, I didn't like this one or the other. In the end, I decided that they all made the show the hit that it is and hopefully they all will return. It is nice to see how the "other half lives".

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Ellen:  1453 days ago

I didn't like Camille at first. But after watching the show, Camille turned out to be the most honorable, sincere, "lady" out of all the cast. Kyle is the snake and mud thrower. I would never befriend her or use her husband's services. She can go back under her rock next season. I find charming Dr. Nassif. He is such a genuine caregiver. He has made such head lines since the show with Sheen's business and the other incidence in B. Hills. Well stand with your head high Camille, your the lady.

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Toby:  1453 days ago

Lisa's utterly fabulous and a straight-shooter; love her - and that silly houseboy Cedric is an ungrateful fool! Kyle's really OK, she's just not a push-over and people are jealous of her looks, her family, her life! Taylor's great but who doesn't feel sorry for both her and Russell in that uptight sad marriage? Adrienne's another diamond - genuine, classy, hard-working, tough - gotta love her. Gotta love her husband too! That leaves the two bona fide nut-jobs of the show: Camille and Kim. Camille does have the excuse that this has been a very bad year for her - which may excuse her insecurity and her pathetic need for attention, adoration and to prove she's "something" without Kelsey. Trouble is, she proved just the opposite. Wishing her well for a better year that must surely be helped by $50 million. And Kim. Kim is the text-book ex-child star whose career dried up and - try as she might to convince us her kids are her life - she's been left feeling empty and useless. She has a drink problem. It's understandable - but now she needs to deal with it. She, of all the Wives, looked permanently pained. Kim: Eat! Sleep! Drink some water!
Good luck to them all - can't wait to see the next season!

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raina:  1446 days ago

Love them all, they all make the show. But especially love Lisa, she is classy and a little bit trashy. Kyle is disingenious to her sister. I don't care for that about her. I totally believe Kim when she said Kyle took her house. This is now my favorite housewives show.

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Pati:  1428 days ago

After watching several episodes and observing each of the women's behavior, it's obvious that Camille is really disturbed. She can say she has had a bad year. You poor thing. What about all of the other things you did in years past, does that mean you have just had a bad life? Seriously to be so into herself ( God only knows why) that she would be so selfish to hire a surrogate to carry her children. How could a MOTHER not want to experience the joys of childbirth? One that has nannies caring for her children. She needs to get her nutcase psychic friend and go find them some playmates so they can leave the sincere Mother's and Housewives alone. I feel for Kim. Lisa is a true sweetie that I can see she would be everyone's friend. It's sad she was taken advantage of my her house guest/gigolo. In my next life I want to come back as one of her dogs... Good Luck Ladies. Also, Kyle you are a true beauty, and I don't think your husband has eyes for anyone but you. He'd be crazy to. Crazy psychic couldn't even tell her friend that it was her husband that was not going to be there. Gee, I wonder why the show was canned? Hmmm....Adrienne is also a true class act and gorgeous. I also feel sorry for Taylor, she seems so sad I hope that her & Russell can get help/counseling to help their marriage.

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