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FAB FOTOS: George Clooney's Girlfriend's Sexy Lingerie Ad!

Elisabetta Canalis is showing off what George Clooney usually sees before bed!

Cannalis strikes a sultry pose for the new Roberto Cavalli Underwear advertising campaign, marking her second consecutive year with the company.

Cavalli says he chose Clooney's girlfriend for the ads because she was "my ideal of a woman: charm, charisma and sensuality, united together… Elisabetta Canalis and I have been friends for a while now, we’ve worked together in the past and once again during this shoot she was perfect in enhancing the spirit of this advertising campaign!  With her Mediterranean beauty and intense gaze she’s interpreted an intriguing and super-feminine woman.”

Check out the gorgeous final photo and some behind-the-scenes pics above -- and a sexy video from the shoot!

Comments (4)

marmot:  1459 days ago

She's completely disgusting, and she's not Clooney's girlfriend. They had a publicity contract which ended after less than a year and a half. She's constantly sending out press releases filled with lies, one of which even lied about what Clooney's father stated in an interview, a lie which was easily proved as the idiot must have been too stupid to realize that transcripts and videos of the interview are easily accessible. Cavalli only gave her work after she become associated with Clooney. She's never been a model. Her "career" has consisted of taking her clothes off for Italian TV and as a stripping nun in a sleazy movie. And let's not forget that she's implicated in a cocaine and prostitution investigation in Italy. Clooney tried to help her with her "career" as a favor to one of his Italian friends who knows her, but she crapped on every opportunity and bit the hand that fed her. She's a lowlife piece of trash who needs to crawl back under whatever rock she crawled out from.

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GAG:  1458 days ago

They could airbrush the Steven Tyler out of her for the stills but not for the video. It's like watching a man in drag roll around on the floor with bad gas. Not attractive. And sorry, but that tattoos are so icky poo. I am sure Clooney will be giving Cavalli as much exposure as possible ... a little "I'll scratch your back so long as you scratch my PR dog's head."

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Vic:  1453 days ago

Yes, I have to agree with Marmot, she really doesn't come across well. That "intense gaze" in the second shot above looks to me like, "I'm just too cunning for you". As for the rest of what marmot says, well I can only take it on face value because I cannot prove or disprove it. But suffice it to say that as for the ad campaign - I don't want to look like her!

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thovickar:  1437 days ago

Elizabeth and George were just photographed together last week, in Feb 2011. They looked happy. She seems to be going with the flow-- and not causing any big embarassing moments. Generally, knowing only what is in the press, they look like they are friends and glad to be together. Good luck to them both.

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