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Kim Kardashian: My Step-By-Step Guide To Kissing A Guy!

Kim Kardashian is doing some major kissing and telling: The reality TV glamazon is revealing to lovestruck fans how to pull off "The Kim Kardashian Classic Sneak Kiss." (How-to diagram and instructions below!)

Kardashian submitted the details of her signature smooch to Harlequin, the Toronto-based book publisher of romance and women's fiction, as part of a Valentine's Day promotion. It looks like her beau, hunky New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries is a lucky guy!

Harlequin also announced that it has submitted a patent application for the "essential romantic kiss" to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

Harlequin has launched an online kiss-creation tool that allows liplock-lovers to create and build their own unique kiss. So far, about 250 people have submitted their kisses on the Web site.

Comments (39)

Tina:  1455 days ago

Sooooo sick of this girl! Your porn sucked...nerve giving kissing advice.

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Shelly:  1455 days ago

Just part of the trilogy. Next year........My step-by-step guide to bl.owing a guy. Then finally.....My step-by-step guide to kissing and bl.owing a guy and how I've made money off of it because I really don't have any talent so this is all I can do to bring attention to myself and how I thank G-d everyday for RayJ "leaking" that video. Order your copy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nyna:  1454 days ago

You all need to stop hating so much. She is just making her money. Don't you know she was paid to make these comments because people like you will read it. TS ABOUT THE MONEY!

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Keith:  1454 days ago

when do you get off/on your knees? You did do your best work on your knees and on your back

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keila:  1453 days ago

come on! she is a HOE! she doesn't know anything, she justa uses her body to make money, first the sex tape, then playboy... come on.... you will end up doing porn movies to earn money.... bitch -__-'

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Shantel:  1453 days ago

So much anger toward someone they may never meet! She is beautifull and has a fan base! She earns money through her managers telling her what to expreSs into the media!love her or not? LET IT SIMPLY BE!

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Cyndi:  1452 days ago

Love Kim! Keep doing what you do give them haters something to talk about. Your next step by step guide should be how to be a heartbreaker! You go girl

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beth!:  1452 days ago

yous are pathetic! her sextape never meant to get public! it was between her and herboyfriend, PRIVATELY! some ones hakced into her laptop and spread it! stop jodging her for what you hear! you dont even know her! so stop the ****ing hate towards her! yous sad sick people!

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chioma:  1452 days ago

chikky that's lovely but what about jesus christ in your life wouldn't it be more lovelier to recognize and advertise him also? love you

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kuku:  1452 days ago

Kim I love you

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Valerie:  1452 days ago

WOW, I think It's really funny that people who dislike her so much choose to spend their free time looking her up on the internet. Obviously you're obsessed. LMFAO! I would suggest getting a second job or something, you obviously don't have enough to do.

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michelle:  1451 days ago

i love kim, i think shes awesome. her show is cool & soooooooo what if she has a sex tape? soo what if she was naked on a magazine? shes git a hot v.

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mary:  1451 days ago

Kim i get tired of seeing you every where and you are pretty But you need to wear the clothes no so form fitten your BUTT is to big for tight clothes.

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cc:  1451 days ago

I am so sick of this girl. this girl does not do anything for anybody but her self. Nobody is hating on her, but their right she does nothing of value with her money. all. everytime I see her she has her clothes off. It was ok in the beginning, but now its becoming too much and people like myself who is a well educated woman and pretty, is getting tired of seeing her too It was cute in the beginning, but now its becoming a headache. When she does something worthy or humanitarian then lets us all be happy.

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Tashy:  1451 days ago

Do any of you personally know her have you met her got to know her?! so how can u judge someone you dont know it would be like me saying you a insecure person so you bash people you dont know
pathetic if you hate her so much why the hell are u reading this

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