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VIDEO: Super Bowl's Darth Vader Kid Unmasked!

Think that Volkswagen commercial featuring a little kid dressed as Darth Vader was cute? Well, the kid's just as adorable with the helmet off!

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Blonde 6-year-old Max Page was the boy behind the mask -- and this morning, he revealed his face on "Today."

Page, who has also appeared on "The Young and the Restless," admits he's never seen "Star Wars" -- and, according to his mom, the response to the commercial has already been "overwhelming."

Check out Max and his mom above!

Comments (11)

Salldeech:  1454 days ago

Is it my imagination, or is Max Page a carbon copy of Meg Ryan?

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spencers time is running out:  1454 days ago

He hasn't just "appeared" on Young & The Restless, he IS on Y&R and has been for around 2 years.

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croc:  1454 days ago

omg, i thought the same thing!! meg ryan..they look so so much alike..

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sherry:  1454 days ago

He looks like a young Luke Skywalker.

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Diana:  1454 days ago

Who does he play on Y & R ?

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MomofTrips:  1454 days ago

Reed Hollstrom, Victoria and JT's son.

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lucy:  1454 days ago

OMG! yess!!! he looks a lot like Meg Ryan! thought the same thing as soon as the mask came off!

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Jen:  1454 days ago

Yes, I thought the same thing...a young Luke Skywalker!! I love this commercial it remindes me of my 6 yr old son. He always tries to use his "Force."

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Kathie:  1454 days ago

There are actually two kids....they were both on "The Talk."

One boy does the part with the dog and the walking scences and the other kid does the rest.

Don't know why they would need two boys...not even the parents could answer this but they used two boys.
They were on the set together and got along famously.

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Miriam:  1453 days ago

There were two boys on this commercial, i don't understand why this one boy "Page" is getting all the notoriety. It's not fair to the other boy. They should be doing appearances together, not separately. More people should be aware of this. If Oprah wants to air this on her her show, she should have both boys on it. Let's be fair. Give credit where it's due!

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John:  1453 days ago

There were TWO kids who were playing Darth Vader in the commercial? And Max is getting all the hoopla? Not fair.

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