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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian's Risque Super Bowl Ad!

Kim Kardashian wasn't in Texas, but she still managed to have a memorable Super Bowl moment last night -- thanks to her sexy ad!


Thanks to Kim's spectacular body and her hands-on interaction with a hot, shirtless stud, her Sketchers ShapeUps ad was definitely the sexiest of the night.

Of her spot, Kim says "It’s a huge honor to be starring in a Super Bowl commercial. When I was younger I used to love the Pepsi ads from the 1990s starring Cindy Crawford… so sexy!"

Check it out above!

Comments (12)

fl_boi.:  1456 days ago

Kim K is soooooooooo hot!

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karen:  1455 days ago

A bit too risky! Do the producers care that young children watch football too!! Why should the players have to set an example, if there are commercials like these! It is time to curb the sexual appetite on TV. Lets be better role models for our children!!

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Angela:  1455 days ago

Karen no they don't care about the children or families they ONLY care about making lots of MONEY, values go out the door when money is involved for lots of people.

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Beverly:  1455 days ago

Amazing that Kim Kardashians's racy ad was allowed for the Superbowl and the John 3:16 commercial was rejected because someone might find it offensive. What was not offensive about Kim's risque ad? Well there's a lot of folks out here who finds these ads offensive and can buy their products where decency still prevails. Porn rules and God is rejected.Our country is becoming a sex crazed pit of porn.

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Ruby:  1455 days ago

I hate football. I also hate that chick with the fat ass who is famous because she had a sex tape where she got peed on.

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gigglegal215:  1455 days ago

Kim was complaining about W magazine not air brushing her breasts out but she is practically making love during a family affair and nothing has been censored nor was Kim fined. What gives? Janet Jackson was much tamer than Kim.

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georgia:  1455 days ago

I'm so sick of this waste of space.
Tallent please?

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Betty:  1455 days ago

Kim is nothing but a fame whore, as everyone knows she has no talent
Just reeks of sex, that's all she has going for her. She's not a girl a nice
Guy would bring home to meet his parents........

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HenchmanC:  1455 days ago

Such false advertising. Everyone knows she only bangs black guys.

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Charlie:  1454 days ago

Ok there is no need to discuss who she does or does not have sex with. By the way this is not porn, she is clothed in workout clothes that you see people use at the park and he is only shirtless. The camera focuses on her body but thats what all sketcher commercials do because thats what they are trying to promote through their fat burning shoes. She isn't dressed that risque and any children that watch television are not unfamiliar with how a woman's body looks like. Underwear commercials are on fairly often that show more skin. Ultimately having a commercial based on a bible verse is very offense to those of different religions or those that don't believe in God.

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Kayt:  1454 days ago

My first though was : She's not that thin now!From recent talk show appearances, she's normal in weight and butt!

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aniamalu jennifer:  1452 days ago

kim is a nude addict and wl never ever stop. her family is too hungry for fame and to worsen the whole thing,they have a monster mom who wl go anylenght to achieve fame and dirty money. bruce jenner shldnt have married her. kim is a spoilt bitch wt a fake boobs and buttocks. i hate her bcz she hasnt learnt the lesson of laying low for bad news, wont she go and settle down?

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