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FAB FOTOS: Kourtney Kardashian's Sexy Shoot!

Kourtney Kardashian is one hot mama!

The oldest Kardashian sister shows off her sexy side in a new photo shoot for LOVE Magazine -- taken by famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

In the photos just posted on her official blog, Mason's mom shows off her hot body in two revealing ensembles for the issue, rocking the pin-up look to perfection!

What do you guys think of her fashion photos? Sound off below!

Comments (52)

cp3:  1412 days ago

She is not cute and I would say quite average. She is also a troll and there is nothing sexy about being 5 feet tall..yuck

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Daniella M:  1411 days ago

Love her!

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Charlie Potas:  1411 days ago

listen people who are jealous, especially you (lizzy) get you actb topgether coz you will never even have the nice look of Kim's ass as your face...

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amberr:  1411 days ago

shes gorgeous, idc what anybody says.! kims just FAKE! shes REAL and look at her and she has a baby

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Sam:  1411 days ago are terrible, looks like a dimestore hooker

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DENISE:  1411 days ago


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Jamie:  1411 days ago

Kourt. You are beautiful and talented, don't let anyone ever tell you different. Every single one of the sisters bring a little something different to the table, they are all beautiful in their own way. People who talk negatively about you are only trying to bring you down and don't let them do that. You do you, and be happy.

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globalhustleent:  1410 days ago

kourtney is one bad azz chick

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alexandra:  1410 days ago

kourtney has everything most women in los angeles can relate to. having a baby and never having t worry about her weight. never too rich or too skinny :)

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twocents:  1410 days ago

She looks gorgeous for a mother. It's good to see another Kardashian other than Kim. I mean I'm not complaining about Kim. haha

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Charlie Potas:  1410 days ago

Listen people who are jealouse especially you miss Lizzy, ge you arc together, coz your face will never be as nice as Kim's ass

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Elena:  1410 days ago

Love it!! I think Kourtney is Gorgeous. Her and Scott make the most handsome couple and Mason is the cutest lil baby. God Bless!!

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Skf345:  1410 days ago

Kourtney is super HOTTT!!!! To all you haters your just mad that your not famous and not as hott as she is so seriously quite hating! if you don't like her don't look at the photos.

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Mandy:  1410 days ago

Most of yall are just jealous of her ! She is BEAUTIFUL ! Of course there was airbrushing .. its a professional photo shoot ! && how about yall look in the mirror .. I bet she looks 10x better than all yall ! && she is not copying Kim. She has done all this just as long as Kim has. So stop Hatin' ! If you dont like her then dont look && dont comment !

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Mayha McIntyre :  1409 days ago

I love the photo shoot Kourt you inspire me as a mom, all it take is focus

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