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VIDEO: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage During Concert!

Kim Kardashian was pulled onto the stage by Prince last night in NYC -- but he quickly kicked her off when she wouldn't shake her assets for him!

The reality TV star and boyfriend Kris Humphries were in the audience for Prince's show at Madison Square Garden last night -- when he started pulling audience members from the crowd to come on stage to dance ... including Kim!

Telling the crowd "She might be too sexy," Prince picked out Kim and then waited for her to start moving ... and she completely froze! "Get off the stage!" he shouted ... and off she went.

 "OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I'm shaking!!!!" Kardashian tweeted at the show, "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!"

She reportedly got a second chance on stage, tweeting again later "Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!"

Kim isn't the first celeb to have a concert encounter with the legendary singer -- "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester was serenaded in January.

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emmanuel:  1454 days ago

isint kim surposed to be a celebrity,why d froze before the crowed?

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Tara:  1454 days ago

I've never liked Prince, but I LOVE him for this. It's about time somebody put those "famous for nothing" divas in their place!

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MrFrazierPR:  1454 days ago

OMG! I cant believe Kim froze on stage with Prince. She would be the first person i would think would start dancing as soon as he pulled her up there. Girl that ass is why you famous so you better work!

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Erica:  1454 days ago

I feel bad for her. We all know she's an awkward dancer. Of course she was uncomfortable.

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george clooney:  1454 days ago

My ole my.....some jealous haters of Kim...guess to be famous one needs TARA's permission. So Tara, what makes a person a famous DIVA? Hmmmm? You have to have so many movies in your credit or sang so many #1 songs? Kim is a famous DIVA and if you have not noticed, the highest paid Reality TV go hate somewhere else. That's my Two Cents!

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Jennifer:  1454 days ago

Oh, stop, George. I agree with Tara. I'm so sick of these idiots who are making money for...what was it again? The whole lot of them Kardashions all the way though to those morons on Jersey Shore, do nothing but admire their own reflections. The only reason we know who any of these spoiled bitches are is because of who there dad had been. I don't hate them, I don't know them or even care enough to waste the energy to hate them. I am just tired of looking at them. I am tired of every time I want to watch a show about really celeberties and the movies they are making, I have to wade through the useless lives of people who will never really do anything but take up space.
And there is my two cents.

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Sultry:  1454 days ago

Didn't Prince watch DWTS? She can't dance. She is too uptight.

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moso:  1454 days ago

He really isn't all that. Neither is she.

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Jo-An:  1454 days ago

Why on earth did Prince do that...Accoridng to Nicki..Y did you do that...Y did you do that...This woman is so stiff...she can't dance..Did anyone see her on dancing with the stars....This woman just does not have it....

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Ron:  1454 days ago

Just watch her sex tape if you want to
see "frozen" Venus de Milo had better moves.
or her time on "Dancing with the stars"
where she was more stiff than any of her previous black boyfriends ever.

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Roller Funk:  1454 days ago

Somebody is feeling awkward right about now.

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Blueberry:  1454 days ago

First off armenians do not dance. They just care about materialistic possessions, and cutting edge fashion. I have never seen an armenian break a sweat in the gym or ever workout. She's not about to burn any calories on that stage, even for prince

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House Master:  1453 days ago

Prince is wrong. His music, his song, his dance are all wrong because he, as a person, is wrong. Does he ever get anything right?

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Tara:  1453 days ago

Rock on Jennifer =]

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Jere:  1453 days ago

come on she wasnt doin a freeze frame wut u expect.

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