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NEWS: Why Hayden Panettiere Didn't Meet Amanda Knox For TV Movie

Hayden Panettiere plays convicted killer Amanda Knox in an upcoming Lifetime movie -- but, despite requests from Amanda's parents to make it happen, Hayden has never met her.

"I really wanted to meet her," Hayden told press today while promoting "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy," adding "it didn't work out because of the scheduling."

"She [Amanda] only has two days of the week that she gets visitors and I would have had to go with her family," says Hayden of Knox, who is currently serving a 26-year sentence for the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher. Hayden also says she didn't want to "impede" on Amanda's time with her family.

Panettiere tells TooFab she didn't meet with Kercher's parents before filming either and that "many things that went into the decision ... it wouldn’t have been fair to meet one family and then not meet the other, so it just didn’t work out like that."

Knox, who maintains her innocence, is appealing her conviction -- and Hayden has no insight into whether the woman she plays actually committed murder.

"I feel like it was just this constant pull and tug and this back and forth, 'Oh she’s innocent, oh she’s guilty, oh she’s innocent, oh she’s guilty' -- and to the point where, at the end, having spent as much as I did on it, I truly, I have no idea."

The movie airs Monday, February 21.

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In Moloch's Arms:  1447 days ago

There is reasonable doubt so she cannot be imprisoned.

If the actress, as a lay person who has been shown the facts of the case, cannot get enough information to decide guilt then neither could a reasonable juror.

Let her go.

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Scotty Mcj:  1447 days ago

She's in jail in Italy. The laws are different. It's a lot more "guilty until proven innocent" than in the U.S.

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kcv:  1447 days ago

Maybe it's just me, but it always seems a little insulting to that an actor would play the role of a living person and not attempt to meet them. She's basically getting paid to act like Amanda, at least meet her and the victims family to know how to portray her. It's not like a fictional character where the actor/director dictates the type of person they are playing.

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Jaz:  1447 days ago

Italy's court system and laws are different than America's. They don't have the "beyond a reasonable doubt" thing over there. There is a slim chance that she didn't do it but her alibi never checked out and she never honestly told police where she was during the murder. She dug a hole for herself that her lawyer couldn't get her out of.

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Cameron:  1447 days ago

When will Americans realize that other countries do NOT abide by American law. Not all countries have "guilty until proven innocent". America is guided by the US Constitution. Italy has it's own set of laws in regards to trial and imprisonment. If you want to live by American law then don't go off to Italy.

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Katy:  1447 days ago

I h

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Hisjules:  1447 days ago


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molly:  1447 days ago

If Hayden read the information on the case on many websites including how the prosecutor and a key witness have been discredited and how the DNA evidence was faked she may have a better understanding of why this case is so sad. I think it is pathetic that she would play Amanda Knox and not have an opinion. The movie sure seems to imply she is guilty. This poor girl is suffering for all the Anti American sentiment in Italy. She has been villified unfairly in Italy. I hope her appeal is successful and she can come home. I also hope Lifetime shows some tact and pulls this move from their line up so people are not unfairly biased against her while the appeal is going on.

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W:  1447 days ago

A Brutal Killer. Only in the USA they have "beyond a reasonable doubt" to kill and rape again.

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ellen:  1447 days ago

Lifetime should pull this movie. Every time Hayden opens her mouth and says something she sounds really dumb. If they spent as much time on this as they claim or read the book, Monster in Venice, she should have an intelligent comment to make.
After seeing the trailer, it looks as though Hayden has gotten the role incorrectly portrayed. Her smirky smiles are inappropriate and lead the viewer to think Amanda is evil.
I thought she might do a nice job but it looks like a cheap shot at the situation. I hope they get sued. Not nice people.

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sandra:  1447 days ago

Although I love Hayden, she should have met Amanda. I felt Amanda was guilty early on, but no way now. I have followed the story closely and the evidence. Hayden needed to put humanity into Amanda. Hayden also could havge tried to persuade them to dillute the Kercher scene; therefore softening the Kercher's pain. This movie better not taint the current judicail team reviewing Amanda....

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robert h:  1447 days ago

Amanda is so much hotter than Hayden Panettiere

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lindsey:  1447 days ago

I think it was smart of Hayden to word her statement that way. I am sure she has made up her mind, but to avoid controversy, decided t remain neutral on the subject. In US we have what is known as "Innocent until proven guilty"(Inquisitorial). In most other countries, they have what is known as "Guilty until proven innocent"(Accusatorial or adversary system).

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val:  1447 days ago

My sorrow is with the murdered girl's mother and not with Amanda and I don't need to see the movie to recognize this Amanda is a sociopath. The evidence is clear she did do it and all her lies are those of a killer and sociopath type. Had she not done it, if she was not guilty, she had no reason to lie. The dead girl's family is really those to give our prayers. Amanda just got caught.

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Hime:  1447 days ago

@1- There is no such thing as reasonable doubt in Europe. This case isn't being tried in the States. She would not be in prison if this had happened in the States.

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