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BEAUTY: Kim Kardashian's Sexy Cleopatra Photo Shoot!

Kim Kardashian not only dresses as Cleopatra in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar -- she also got to interview her!

Kim, who did a photo shoot inspired by the Egyptian queen for the magazine, also did a short Q&A with Elizabeth Taylor -- where Liz told Kim the secret to success is to "Follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come."
Kardashian also talks about her upcoming song, telling the mag "I can carry a tune, yeah. I have a cute little voice. I talked to people in the business, and they said, ‘This is what we do for fun. You go to the movies, you go shopping, why don’t you try what we do?’"

The issue hits newsstands February 22.

Comments (30)

lilgee:  1451 days ago

she's not an actress, she's not a dancer, she's not a singer. I don't know what the big deal is about any of the Kardashians really. Just annoying.

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Trae:  1451 days ago

I agree. It makes me wonder what has our society come to when people on the cover of magazines are famous for doing nothing.

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ASHLEY:  1451 days ago


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Savage:  1451 days ago

Love the Kardashians; they remind me of my sisters and I. They're all beautiful and people need to stop hating on their success. I say get yourself together, live life and maybe you wouldn't be such a hater. Secretly you don't like yourself.

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dave:  1450 days ago

Kim Kardashian is a true whore...she gets paid for just laying there doing nothing! She claims innocence when we all know what she did and who she did it with...LOL!

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Jesi the cool mom.:  1450 days ago

Kim is beautiful... we all enjoy looking at her. So therefore, she's famous for being herself... get over yourselves and keep gawking at her booty... I mean beauty. :D <3 you Kimmy! <3

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Boudicca:  1450 days ago

Yes, she is lovely. Alas beauty only lasts for a day. Youth is fleeting and before you know it, you're 75 years old, looking in the mirrow and wondering what happened to 30. What will Kim be thinking when she turns 75, or for that matter, what will you be thinking? I hope more then missing ones beauty.

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june:  1449 days ago

i love the movie NEVER SAY NEVER i saw it you need to come to new mexico

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Dave:  1449 days ago

Kim not a celebraty. *** on now,,,preferably on her.
The way she took that big black **** in her mouth when she made that video....Well she got my vote for celeb right then! And how that ass looked all pumped up in the air so he could take her from behind....well does the words buckets full ring true? lol
I am just glad that a hot looking women can suck ****, look good at doing it, then build an empire from it...dont forget Playboy shoot. But so softcore. The video did the trick, or rather she did the tricks in the video that made her status.
Until Paris sucked slong she was a wanna be rich bitch. So I like all of them self absorbed biotches...just as long as they keep showing me them titties and everything else.....yes I am a pig....snort snort.....lmao...
Everyone including myself is just too uptight about everything. Personnally I have decided to just have more fun. And if it gets my **** hard at 49 yrs old....well I am all for it.
They are not ugly, maybe morally corrupt, but I just think that is their mom's doing. I would still do her too Hah!

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SJean:  1449 days ago

While I have to say that my sisters (twins they are) and I can be just as sily as them... we are NOT freakin fame whores! Seriously, what the heck are they "famous" for?! I just don't get it. They are not pretty, talented, or great philanthropists... so WTF!!!!!!

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LeahW:  1448 days ago

She is no Elizabeth Taylor.

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omega rea:  1447 days ago

All Kardashian 's are russian armenian as there futher was.

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mercedez :  1446 days ago

I with the last writer HOW THE HELL are they and WHO cares there are many very beatiful women around america what makes the Kardashians =THEY ARE FONEY FAKE PLASTICS !!! They call all just go jump off a bridge PLEASSSSSSSSSSE !!!

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lisa hogsed:  1446 days ago

so tired of seeing these sisters faces. no talent just way to much time and money!. go back to where ever you came from.

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Alexander:  1446 days ago

Okay Kim is ****ing hot we all know that She's obviously no ugly Look at her I'm a female and Bi and Yeah I think I'd do her if I had a chance BUT How is she even famous Kim your gorgeous and I am a girl I wanna **** you BUT sorry But how in the world do you get famous? I mean her father was a lawyer and all I think their kinda using their fathers name It breaks my heart Because I want to be famous I write songs I want to make movies and I personally think I have a ****ing mind of magic And theres so many People with great talent and nobody cares about them Kim to me I never seen any talent from her besides being gorgeous if that even counts It kinda pisses me off What happened to the world?! Anybody can become famous now ANYBODY

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