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BEAUTY: Sofia Vergara Without Makeup!

Believe it or not, both of the women below are Sofia Vergara!

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Cameras caught the "Modern Family" star all over NYC yesterday as she filmed her new movie, "New Year's Eve" -- where she was seen with and without makeup!

The photo on the left was taken as Sofia was making her way to the set, before her morning coffee had a chance to kick in -- and the right was during filming, after the movie's makeup department got their hands on her.

Check out the gallery to see more shots of the fresh faced star!

Comments (23)

FlamingoNut:  1446 days ago

NEVER would've guessed it was her. It's amazing what makeup artists can do.

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Alicia:  1446 days ago

She looks great!

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DrKnife:  1446 days ago

G___DAMN!! You have got to be kidding me! That is the same person? It's not that she neccesarily looks bad without makeup, but G___DAMN!

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scott:  1446 days ago

she looks better without the makeup

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Virginie:  1446 days ago

So much more beautiful without make up

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Michelle:  1446 days ago

I wish I looked that good without makeup.

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242:  1446 days ago

that's not her. LOOK AT THE NOSEA

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Crista:  1446 days ago

I think she looks awesome. What do you expect so early in the morning?

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Carla:  1446 days ago

that is a really bad photo of Sofia. Down here in South Beach we see her all over the place with no makeup and she never looked like that!

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Piskoo:  1446 days ago

I still want to smoke her

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T:  1446 days ago

In the done up photo she has bangs that are to short to tuck behind the ear.
The women with no makeup has clearly tucked her hair behind her ears.

Is the women with no makeup really her?
Or did the makeup department cut her bangs and add makeup?????

Both pictures are beautiful women but they dont look like the same person.

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Saywhat?!:  1446 days ago

To the person who commented about the bangs - they're likely clip-on. Very common way to quickly and temporarily achieve a different hair look, like any other hair extensions. As for the comment about the nose being different, again, easy to do with makeup contouring.

I don't find these photos at all surprising and think she looks rather pretty au naturel. Just completely different from how we're used to seeing her.

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JOHN:  1446 days ago


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Jennifer:  1446 days ago

I still think she looks pretty either way! besides we see it all the time wether its her or some other atress... Makeup artists do this! thats why they are called artists cuz they can make a 3 yr old painting look like a picaso! lol

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Frieda:  1446 days ago

I think she's far more beautiful without make-up.
I hate the plastic look and that everyone looks the same.

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