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COUPLES: Vanessa Minnillo Spills Valentine's Day Plans with Nick Lachey

0210_nick_singleVanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey will be spending Valentine's Day glued to their TV.

Minnillo spilled the couple's V-Day plans at a recent event for Under Armour Charged Cotton, where she said they'll be watching "Hawaii Five-0," the CBS show they just filmed an episode of.

"For Valentine's Day, we will be watching 'Hawaii Five-0.' We did an episode together and it airs that night," says Minnillo, "I mean, it's cute, it's romantic. We'll have dinner and then we'll come home and watch ourselves on TV!"

Nick and Vanessa, who have been dating since 2006, announced their engagement in November.

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Wanda:  1450 days ago

How cute!!!!!!!

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Daisy:  1450 days ago

How full of themselves!

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Gia:  1450 days ago

These two are very attractive people but I dont think they are full of themselves! In fact, they seem like very wholesome down to earth people with good heads on their shoulders. I think they have worked hard to make a name for themselves and there is nothing wrong with enjoying time with one another! God bless their union!

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Lori:  1449 days ago jealous? They are a beautiful couple. And that makes them stupid for living off of Jessicas money? No that makes them smart. Jealous Jealous people.

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John:  1449 days ago

@ Michelle
These catty girls all think the same. If you don't have your nose up a celebrity's arse then you must be jealous. It really is like being in highschool or grade school. Good for you! Girls like you are not easily impressed and that is a good thing. Idiots like Lori worship morons.

@ Lori It does not make them smart to live off the ex wife's payroll --That makes them freeloaders--Where I'm from we work for what we have.
We don't expect handouts from former spouses.

And she's right--THEY DONT WORK

When was the last time you saw either of them in a movie?, or appearing regularly on a TV show? When was the last time Nick released an Album? Two losers living off the very talented and smoking hot Jessica Simpson. Nick you down-graded for sure. What kind of woman lives off his ex? Not much of one in my opinion

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I'dtagthat-is-gay-all-day:  1449 days ago

Nothing to be jealous of here LORI

She's an ex MTV VJ
He's an ex boy-bander

Now why would anyone would be jealous of these two hacks
with gorgeous couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z running around?

People just will worship just about ANYONE

These two people are not A-listers
They have no talent
They dont work on a regular basis and live of Jessica Simpson's money that Nick got after the divorce--Yeah they are both free-loaders no different than a welfare recipiant

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Idtagthatalldayisgayallday:  1449 days ago

Both have very little talent

What was she an EX MTV VJ?
What was he a boy bander many moons ago?



She is bragging and sounds pretty obnoxious.

They have broken up a million times and gotten back together--Dont see it lasting forever.

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Ex-Jessica Fan:  1449 days ago

The ONLY reason Jessica became famous was because of her relationship with Nick (their Newlywed show). Come on now, before Nick, she could barely keep up with Britney & Christina. I used to be a big Jessica fan but let's just be real. Without Nick, she's just another washed-up, divorced, typical celebrity...

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Nancy:  1449 days ago

Jessica Simpson has built an empire and if she became famous as a result of the Newlywed show it was because people found her to be "special" (who can forget the chicken of the sea comment)
She hawks shoes, bags, purfumes and is a multi-millionaire in her OWN right --Nick did not make her famous--She made herself famous----She is still on top and where is he? Doing a acting gig here and there. Most people work everyday or they dont eat! These two are photographed on vacations 24/7--Vacation from what? They dont do anything!

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neurosurgeon:  1448 days ago

Jessica was a third string Britney Spears wanna-be about to lose her recording contract because of poor record sales when she married Nick.

The only reason Jessica got those endorsement deals is because of Newlyweds. If Nick hadn't married her, there never would have been a Newlyweds to put her in the public eye.

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