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FAB FOTOS: 'The Bachelor' Stars in Sports Illustrated!

They won't all end up with Brad Womack, but three of the women on "The Bachelorette" did get something pretty cool out of being on the show: A spread in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011
Michelle Money, Ashley Hebert and Chantal O'Brien all took part in the bikini shoot on last night's episode of the show -- and today, the magazine photos have been released!

As we saw last night, Brad brought the three ladies on the shoot in Anguilla on a group date, where Ashley and Chantal had no qualms with taking their tops off for the spread. Drama ensued when Michelle grabbed Brad as a prop -- and started making out with him on set.

Michelle was eliminated in the rose ceremony -- but she still made it into the magazine!

Check out some of the photos of the three women above, and the rest over at the official Swimsuit Issue website!

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Ashley Grauberger:  1444 days ago

by the way chantal was not eliminated it was michelle who was eliminated at the rose ceremony

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kazza:  1444 days ago

holy photoshop! i saw that episode last night, and chantal's waist is not that slim (first photo). i wish i had someone to photoshop all of my photos, then i would look like a model too!

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Tammy:  1444 days ago

The above poster is correct...Chantal was NOT eliminated. it was Michelle, thank God.

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See more bikinis HERE!

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Lisa:  1444 days ago

Yep, Chantel was really out of shape. But I was proud of her of letting go her thoughs and just posing for the magazine. They shouldn't have photoshopped her a lot because I like voluptous. She has a latin body.

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Daphne:  1444 days ago

Wow, they airbrushed Chantal pretty good. She has a toad belly, not at all like in the photo and her thighs were a bit bigger. Not that she's fat, but you can tell they made her look slimmer.

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ana:  1444 days ago

I like Chantal.. but she is too emotionally.. Too much photoshop.. she has a nice healthy body, but needs to work on her abs

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imaxfli:  1444 days ago

Chantel is a babe, but they defineately took away some of her waist...she is divorced, has she told that to the Big Doofu(Brad) with ADD yet..she obviously has some emotional issues.

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