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ENGAGED! "Jersey Shore" Alum Angelina Pivarnick's Red Carpet Proposal!

Former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick is engaged--and TooFab's got exclusive photos of the proposal in action, plus, a photo of the engagement ring!

Her boyfriend, David Kovacs--who she hooked up with a couple of months ago after dating "The Bachelorette" alum Justin Rego--got down on one knee after STYLE360 Sachika's fashion show in New York City Wednesday afternoon, and proposed to Pivarnick, sources tell TooFab. He presented her with a platinum, 2.5-karat ring (pictured).

Kovacs proposed on the red carpet outside the event, which was presented by Polaroid sunglasses. A source tells TooFab that Pivarnick's assistant Johnny Donovan set up the engagement surprise, and that Angelina was truly shocked!

Rego tells TooFab of his ex's engagement, "I'm happy for her.. she's very impulsive though.  One minute she breaks up with him, the next minute they're engaged  It is just like her to jump into things quickly."

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kate:  1445 days ago

this makes no sense who is she engaged to ? jason or kovacs? cus the guy in the pic isnt kovacs is it..... ?!

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Sara:  1445 days ago

Why in the hell does this woman need an assistant?

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rachel:  1445 days ago

and we care about this because?

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steph:  1445 days ago

well u must care about it....ur reading it AND commenting on it :)

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Danielle :  1445 days ago

i feel bad for the guy :( doesnt even know what hes getting himself into....well he did if hes watched the show :D

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devyn:  1445 days ago

no body likes her. nor cares about her lame engagment. how come snookie or jwow arent engaged they are the best.

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pff:  1445 days ago

@ Rachel........." we care beacuse" you read it so you must have cared.

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Dee:  1445 days ago

It's Justin Regi not Jason

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bobb nowicki:  1445 days ago

she has an assistant? lol, that's awesome.

getting engaged on a red carpet is a seriously desperate attention-grab from her dbag fiance. it shows what he wants from the arrangement, er...engagement

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Marlon:  1445 days ago

She's a whore who is probably gonna cheat on him anyway. What a sucka!!!

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Melissa :  1445 days ago

PLEASE PLEASE I Beg the powers that be to not make this Newlyweds ...somehow I know this will happen .

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Jesse:  1445 days ago


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ocgirl:  1445 days ago

She has an assistant????

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Drew J. Marshall:  1445 days ago

Well Whoop-Dee-Doo!!! I could barely stomach her when she was on the Jersey Shore, now we have to follow her after JS life too ?? Not bloody likely !! Put her in the same can with Spence and Heidi and seal it up tight. Dirty little Hamster is the nice way of saying she is the community bicycle, everyone can ride her. Just nasty....and that face looks like it was hit with a bag of nickels......Whomever her latest rider is better get tested, cause I'm pretty certain she has some serious bacteria and viruses living in her Kasloppus!!

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Niki:  1445 days ago

Now it's time to have her back on the jersey shore cast !

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