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WATCH NOW: Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Music Video!

After 14 days of 7-second teases, the full music video for Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" is finally here!

The video, shot by Jonas Akerlund, made its debut just moments ago on MTV before "Jersey Shore" and simultaneously popped online over at VEVO.

Fans and critics alike have been anxiously awaiting the music video, as reports surfaced that a body double was used for most of the dancing.

"Hold It Against Me" is the first single from Britney's upcoming CD, "Femme Fatale."

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cassie:  1438 days ago

What the hell was that. I like brit, but that video sucks, maybe she should try acually dancing and making a video instead of trying to sell us makeup, perfume and a single dating site. VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pam:  1438 days ago

Horrible. Can't hear her voice and can't see her performance. Eeech.

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snow:  1438 days ago

biggest waste of 4 minutes and 30 seconds ever

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Andrea:  1438 days ago

The best thing I read today.......
For people who do not understand the meaning of the video:
Start of her career - She hit the earth like a meteor
Becoming a celebrity - She's all glammed up putting make-up and perfume
Rising popularity - She's rising as her old music videos surround her
She fell in love - The picture of the guy on the Sony touchscreen TV
Personal struggle - She was fighting with herself
Breakdown/Meltdown - She collapses and ruins her wedding dress and past work
Comeback - She comes back harder than ever."

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jeff:  1438 days ago

Great great video - lots of fun, visually pleasing and a great beat.

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Angel:  1438 days ago

The only place where I would think a body double is being used, is the "fight scene". I watched the video last night on MTV when it premiered and I didnt remember seeing all the "commericals". All in all, I thought it was a very clever video and my hats off to her!!!

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Retirementgal:  1438 days ago

When is the dancing suppose to start??? Hell I'm 61 and got more dancing in me then Brit...

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Yvonne:  1438 days ago

Britneys Video is definitely sponsored by Sony

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Scott:  1438 days ago

Horrible, kind of makes you sea sick. Can't think of anything positive to say about it at all. I think she has lost what spark she had. Now it all seems forced. Robotic.

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Sandra:  1438 days ago

Have always liked Brittany and thought she was talented. The Director and who ever came up with this idea for this video should be fired. It's a huge commercial. To choppie, it's all over the place. Who knows if she can dance or still has it vocally. Cuts back and form. This is horrible and a waste of time to watch. Sorry Brit !

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rudy:  1438 days ago


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ZZ:  1437 days ago


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Susan:  1436 days ago

Its the same old moves for Brit..nothing new many young new artist dance better than that! She can't sing, she just push's play before she begins her bump and grind...body double huh, if she can't sing and can't pull of the dance anymore...Retire little rich girl

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Susan:  1436 days ago

It's the same old moves for Brit, nothing new many new artist dance better! She can't sing and this video makes no sense...Reire Brit,

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Brooke :  1436 days ago

I CAN´T SEE IT !!!!!!!!

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