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WATCH NOW: Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Music Video!

After 14 days of 7-second teases, the full music video for Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" is finally here!

The video, shot by Jonas Akerlund, made its debut just moments ago on MTV before "Jersey Shore" and simultaneously popped online over at VEVO.

Fans and critics alike have been anxiously awaiting the music video, as reports surfaced that a body double was used for most of the dancing.

"Hold It Against Me" is the first single from Britney's upcoming CD, "Femme Fatale."

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Shell:  1435 days ago

1. I like Britt and I think she is a pretty good singer and dancer. 2. I hate videos that "make you dizzy watching them" and THAT video does just that!!! 3. I think Britt should go back to her completely choreographed videos (beginning to end)! 4. I like the song and the vocals. OVERALL I GIVE IT A 7 1/2 everything considered!!

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Helena009:  1432 days ago

While everyone...well almost everyone blames her on making a bad music video, why don't you guys just think about people who are behind the production??? it is entirely not all Britney's job, is it? Go 'n whine at the producer, the choreography, the stylist, etc. then, instead of discrediting her. She is one of the greatest performers, I have to say...I used to be one of her biggest fans, but since the music is not my cup-of-tea anymore, I just listen to her old records and some of her current ones. Anyway, the ''givemesomethinggood'' verse brought me back the old Britney. I just felt that it suited her perfectly, the style I mean.

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