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"Jersey Shore" Star Deena Cortese: Get Ready Italy, I'm Coming!

Get ready, Italy: Deena Cortese, the self-proclaimed "blast in a glass" from "Jersey Shore," is heading your way!

"I'm very excited about going to Italy," Cortese tells TooFab of MTV's plans to shoot the next season overseas. "I can't wait to go there. Everyone always talks so well about it.  I can't wait to see what it's all about."

And of course, that includes Italian men: "I'm excited to see the scenery, the culture. And Italian men should be interesting--a lot different than Jersey!"

But at the top of Cortese's to-do list before she starts packing? Learn certain Italian phrases. "I really want to find out what 'blast in a glass' is in Italian because that's my nickname. I need to know what that means so I can tell all the Italian men."

And since "Jersey Shore" is (slightly) lesser known in Italy, it may be easier for Cortese to snag a guy. "It's harder to figure out who actually likes me or who is just talking to me because I'm on the show. So right now I'm just basically hanging out with the people that were there before this even happened just to keep myself safe and out of problems."

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A Real Lawyer:  1428 days ago

Dang, someone tell this girl she is FUGLY. ewwww. The funny thing is she thinks she's hot!

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Hisjules:  1428 days ago


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FAsh10nPr1nc3ss:  1427 days ago

I have been watching so much of the Jersey Shore, dat I'm stahtin to tahlk like 'em. I watch them everywhere I go with DISH Network's employee account. It's called TV EVERYWHERE, and it means you can take your subscription with you on the go on your smart phone or laptop, and even tablet. It's simple just google TV EVERYWHERE.

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Craig:  1427 days ago

Here, I fixed the headline for you: Jersey Shore "Star" Deena Cortese Warns Italy of Upcoming Herpes Pandemic.

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Lauras:  1427 days ago

Well...italy is not that excited..not at all..Ew

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shine:  1425 days ago

she's pretty

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Straniera:  1407 days ago

Snooki & Deena better stay away from Berlusconi; although in this case, he'd probably be the victim. As for the rest of them, I hope they keep their ignorant mouths shut. Although, with any luck Ronnie will unknowingly pick a fight with some member of the Camorra!

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igetknockeddown:  1305 days ago

they should meet the italian "tamarreide" guys... it would be the clash of the titans ahahah

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