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NEWS: Camille Grammer Gets Gig with CNN!

0221_camilleCamille Grammer has landed herself a gig with CNN!

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star/ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer will be hitting the red carpet for the Oscars next weekend -- where she'll be working alongside "Showbiz Tonight" hosts Brooke Anderson and AJ Hammer.

Camille will be a "fashion and celebrity commentator" and will reportedly "provide her insider perspective on celebrity arrivals and fashion insights."

Grammer will also be on the small screen again for an upcoming episode of "$#! My Dad Says," which she filmed a cameo for earlier this month.

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IMeanWhat:  1441 days ago

Did you see the hair at the Oscars Designer Challenge? Celebrity hairstylist Roy Teeluck is brilliant. Check out images from the event @imeanwhat

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caroline:  1437 days ago

I can't stand this poor shallow woman.

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Big One:  1437 days ago

Wow! What a great move for an actress(?). Next she will be doing commercials with Florence Henderson.

She will eventually become one of those annoying commentators desperate for work.

But you can always sell the jewels! Cause your acting skills smell like **doo-doo**

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dadudedd:  1437 days ago

Red carpet?
Wont be a pretty sight when that irritable bowel syndrome rears its ugly head.
Poop stains all around.

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shawn loomis:  1437 days ago

You are too pretty for Kelsey anyway. The new wifey is __ly!

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MissJae:  1437 days ago

Insider perspective? Like what? I know, it goes like this: "Oh, here comes So-and-So. She's so jealous of me, and all my good works. I think I've helped everyone here, you know? All women are jealous of me..."

No thanks, I won't be watching...ever.

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Elaine:  1434 days ago

I like Camille and I think people are jealous of her, why don't they quit saying mean thing's, she is o.k.

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Gerrick Robinson:  1434 days ago

Wow. Why is everyone hating on this woman? She's just doing what 98% of the rest of you would have done had a gravy train pulled up on your street. Chill out on the lady and let her live her life..the life that any one of you would die for.

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Diane:  1414 days ago

Camille is not well! She makes up stories, cries like she's a victim but she's the schitzo creating all the drama then going to extremes to get attention especially her slutty dancing. She better be careful those children she calls hers don't even know her, the nannys are the mothers.Won't be long before Department of child protective services will be knocking on her door.

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WendiLee:  1356 days ago

Camille is the biggest disaster to hit planet earth. period.

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