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NEWS: 'Real Housewives of Miami' Worried About Editing?

Camille Grammer blamed her bad image on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Bravo's tricky editing -- so are the women from "The Real Housewives of Miami" worried they'll fall victim to the show's editors too?

"I think you have to give people the material," Miami's Lea Black told reporters in a conference call, "And if they edit you ... I mean, as long as it’s in context, I don’t think you can blame anyone but yourself."

Black, a Miami socialite married to a criminal defense attorney, adds "No one can force you to say things that you say. Now if you’re making a joke and you’re saying something and it’s taking it out of context and put into a mean spirit then I might have an issue about the editing."

Black and co-star Alexia Echevarria say they haven't seen the final cut of the show yet, with Alexia telling reporters "it’s been a while, it’s been almost a year since we filmed but - so it’s going to be interesting."

Check out how the editors did when the show premieres tomorrow night!

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vanessa sidi:  1433 days ago

Adriana Moura is nothing but a liar!!! see for yourself...public record in Texas! I can not believe BRAVO doesn't do a simple back ground check!!!!
my ex sister in law...11 years ago!!!
She's a loser!!! Short version...They got divorced, he was coming to Miami and she said she had nothing left in Texas, because she had slept with everyone there! She begged my brother to bring her to FL, because of their son, he agreed! He bought a place on Fisher Island! When the market and everything went bad here, he told her to move into a small condo and that he would help her get on her feet...there was no way she could afford Fisher Island on her own! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she got a real estate license and told him she would help sell his condo..he was nice and agreed! He made her co list it with another realtor, because she's nuts and didn't trust her! We recently found out they had 2 cash offers on the place but she turned them down...why?? because she wanted to stay on Fisher Island to find a rich husband!!! But Men are not a stupid as she thinks so she moved to plan B...a dumb women...enter Leah she played the victim and the poor abandoned single mother!!! She didn't have the balls to tell anyone the truth..the worst part about her is she's a bad mom!! she didn't care about my nephew until other rich families invited him over for play dates!!! then she attached to him because he's a great kid!!! I will choke her!!! My brother's new wife is not a 17 year old escort??/ She has a 12 year old daughter, and they have a son together! Its nasty!!! and all lies!! My half brother is not in the country to defend himself!! My other brother is married to an her name is Adriana Sidi!!! the Chaos!! I can not believe bravo picked this show up???
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Roberto and Adriana Moura DIVORCED IN 2001!!!! Collin County, Texas!!!!! A long time before she was "abandoned" on Fisher Island!!!

I saw your article and felt you should know the truth!

Best Regards,

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Dewana :  1419 days ago

WOW...nothing like an ex-family member to make the record straight huh~honestly I had a feeling that Adriana was fake,she seems shady to me...oh well,believe it or not ,karma will come back and get her if what you are saying is true,so just put it on cruise control and let karma drive her~

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rudino:  1351 days ago

ugh how she loves herself and yes she has that stupid look about her so glad they cxled that show

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