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BABY NEWS: Alyssa Milano's Pregnant!

Alyssa Milano PregnantAlyssa Milano is expecting her first child!

The former "Charmed" star, 38, and her husband, Hollywood talent agent David Bugliari, 32, "are over the moon...they are so excited," a friend of theirs tells "People."

According to "People," Milano is due in the fall.

Milano and Bugliari married each other in August 2009 at his family's estate in New Jersey, after dating for three years.

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L:  1440 days ago

It's unfortunate that her husband is so ugly.

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bette:  1440 days ago

38???? isnt that kinda old to be having kids???

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Jason:  1440 days ago

38 is not that old to have a kid, what is really shocking is how ummmm not handsome her husband is. She always dates really ugly guys for some strange reason. Then again if you read her tweets she is a head case, no matter how hot she is I dont think I could stand to be in the same room as her for more then 10 min. Unless she was naked then put me up to an hour. That dude does not look 32 I gatta say, he has been ravaged by ageing really bad.

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Diane K.:  1440 days ago

I think these comments are incredibly sad. There is beauty in every living organism on earth. Just because you don't find him attractive doesn't mean others feel the same. I don't think Alyssa is a head case. I think she's a classy lady who understands that beauty has to do with one's character and soul, not the superficial. It saddens me to read these nasty comments made about a man you don't know. Instead of being mean, why not congratulate them on this wonderful event and wish them all the love in the world. I'm happy that she has found someone she loves and that she's now ready to start a beautiful family with this beautiful man. Shame on all of you who can't think of anything nice to say to this couple!

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Wooster:  1440 days ago

Silly people. Money makes everyone look better to women.

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Commando:  1440 days ago

John Matrix: "Jenny!!!!!! Jenny!!!!!"

Jenny: "Daddy"

Bennett: "No....Not Daddy".

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Fawks:  1440 days ago

You people are idiots.

38 is the magic for all western women: it's when they grow up. That's when they realise the fairytale dream of mr right is not only holding but setting them back in life in terms of romance and stability. SUDDENLY after a life of only wanting to get ****ed by the top 5 percent of males they realise hey... there's way more out there and jesus: they might actually be better for you!
Suddenly all demands and entitlements drop like glued posters in a sauna. Suddenly they realise they have to give more to be in a relationship if they want something good.

Personally I think the guy is a loser, she wouldn't have wanted you at 18 buddy: she just settled for your sorry chubby ass. But then again I look better than him so I guess I can't imagine his situation and I grant you this: Alyssa is one pretty lady.

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Tina:  1440 days ago

Alyssa and her husband make a great couple and it is not uncommon in this day and age for couple to start having childeren later in life. i think its great. congradulations to u both n god bless

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Cozumel:  1440 days ago

Why is everyone been so mean? I love taking the mick as much as the next person but they dated for 3 years, now they're married and having a child. It's great news and I say congratulations to them both and I loved her in Charmed.

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sj:  1440 days ago

Wow some of you are really stupid. She is in a good relationship with her husband not baby daddy bitches!!!! And all you guys can do is hate on her. Get a life quickly!!! 38 is not old I could see if she was 58 trying to have a baby. Everybody dont want to have babies as teenagers when they are not ready. Go Alyssa!!!!

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Jen:  1439 days ago

It isn't always about looks. The way a man treats a woman is more important. How good he makes her feel, how safe, how loved. And to all those posting mean comments, true beauty comes from within. When you're in love and loved in return, you are beautiful.

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CApeep:  1439 days ago

38, is not to old; unless you have no education. Some of us have goals in life; besides being mothers. Usually people in their 30's are stable and ready to settle down. I say Congrats to the couple!

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Monica McCall:  1439 days ago

A lot of you haters are basing everything on this guys looks. It is what is on the inside what counts & Alyssa obviously sees her husbands inner traits. Are beautiful women only supposed to go out with beautiful men?
Congratulations to the happy couple.

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Kirsten:  1439 days ago

Dave is a close family friend of mine - he's awesome and treats her wonderfully!

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Mary:  1439 days ago

Congrats!!! To Alyssa Milano and her husband, I`ve been a fan ever since Who`s the Boss but I`m addicted to Charmed I have every single season of Charmed and I still throw in a disc into my DVD player when there`s nothing to watch on television!!!!!

Mary from Ontario,Canada

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