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ON THE SET: Michelle Pfeiffer Gets a Make-Under!

Michelle Pfeiffer is in the upcoming flick "New Year's Eve" -- but you may not recognize her in the movie!

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The usually glamorous blond was spotted on set today sporting a short brown wig and holding a New York Daily News with the headline "Happy New Year."

The 52-year-old, who hit up the Lady Gaga concert on Monday night, still looks pretty good -- but we much prefer Michelle with lighter locks.

Check out the set shots!

Comments (4)

Shannon:  1436 days ago

I think she looks absolutly stunning!....and to say she hardly has no makeup on and has had no stupid work done under the knife to her face shows true beauty!! LOVE HER

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Nancy:  1436 days ago

Don't like the brown wig but Michelle Pfeiffer is an absolutely gorgeous woman. Her skin is still beautiful and so is the rest of her. I agree with the above poster ~ this is what ageing NATURALLY looks like. It's obvious she's gone to great pains to take wonderful care of her skin. Love you Michelle!

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Lindsey:  1436 days ago

She looks great! I think people look so much better when they age naturally. I would loooove to look like her when I hit 52!

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Hisjules:  1435 days ago


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