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OSCARS: Who Should Win Tonight?!

The Oscars will be handed out later today -- and we want to know who you think will be going home with a trophy at the end of the night?


With stars like Natalie Portman and Christian Bale and movies like "The King's Speech" and "The Kids Are All Right" up for all the big awards, let us know who you’re backing!

Check back later today for all the red carpet photos -- and tomorrow morning for the after-party action!

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Courtney:  1435 days ago

Best Picture
The Fighter
Best Actress
Annette Benning
Best Actor
Colin Firth
Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams
Best Supprting Actor
Mark Whalberg
best sound editing
Black Swan
best Costumes
the Fighter
Best Director
David O Russell

though it probably won't go that way the oscars are worthless now a days most of the winners are sub par stars

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hunter:  1435 days ago

The King Speech's will be go won for best movie.

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deborah moseley :  1435 days ago

I am all for the predictions posted above Anette bening is great in the kids are alright and I believe colin firth is past due for an award it is both of there time all the best .

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Kim:  1435 days ago

LOVE THE OSCARS! Check out all my picks here:

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lucia:  1435 days ago

Colin Firth! And its about time! The Kings Speech should also win best picture with all due respect to Mark Walberg who has become a force to be reconed with!

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Hisjules:  1435 days ago


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