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CONTROVERSY: Beyonce Does Blackface for French Magazine

Beyonce Knowles is in the hot seat today thanks to a new photo shoot where the singer appears to be wearing blackface.

Beyonce darkened her skin for the 90th anniversary issue of L'Officiel Paris, in a spread "paying homage to the African queens through the ages."

Fighting back criticism, the magazine issued a statement saying "The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season. As for the artistic make-up, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring."

Check out the video from the shoot above, then let us know ...

Comments (27)

bfma2578:  1397 days ago

Uuum she is BLACK, she wears "black face" every day of her life lol!

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kayleigh:  1397 days ago

Why is this offensive? She's a black lady! Black people are actually not even the color black, they are various shades of Brown! And it's her heritage, so give it a rest!

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LILY ROSE:  1397 days ago

they should have photographed a black lady that is naturally very dark in completion. and not Beyonce that is light skinned and they had to paint her to make her look darker. she is black but over the years her skin keeps getting lighter and also she keeps wearing blonde weaves which means she is not that natural.
its really funny looking at this photo with Beyonce having a black face with a blonde hair.
i think she is not the right black woman to use for the photo they should have used a very dark black woman instead.

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JinniRock:  1397 days ago

It's art,it's beautiful and she's beautiful.I applaud the magazine for giving the cultural lesson to those who seek to make the "art" controversial.

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Summerbr3ze:  1397 days ago

How can it be offensive it African artists created the look and dressed her for the shoot???

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Sharon:  1397 days ago

Are you serious, how is this art? Beyonce, looks like a Black woman trying to be a White woman trying to be a Black This is a joke!!

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mag:  1397 days ago

Goes great with the blond extensions...who cares

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me:  1397 days ago

I think it is absolutely beautiful. I am of African American heritage and its not black face its a tribal ritual. Lets educate ourselves and she is African American

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ALTHEA:  1397 days ago



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c:  1397 days ago

If they wanted a dark model for the clothes they could have gotten a dark skinned Black model instead of just painting B. But like the 1st poster said, Beyonce is Black lol!

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Jen:  1397 days ago

Blackface is considered offensive because it was used historically as a means of turning performers (including African-American ones, bfma2578) into caricatures that dehumanized people of color and fueled racism. So, as an educated human being (I'm not black), I find blackface abhorrent. But, looking at the photo, it's obviously just darker makeup than her natural skin tone - there's nothing caricature-y about the image.

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Sabrina Reid:  1397 days ago

So the first thing you think of when you want to "pay homage to all the African queens" is to paint yourself like Blackface...but you leave the blonde wig on? What about Cleopatra? What about Tiye? What about Hatshepsut? What about The Queen of Sheba??!! This is the type of ignorant bullcrap that is allowed in this day and age because the general audience doesn't know better themselves. Half the people who commented on hear had NO IDEA what blackface is. Is this acceptable? HELL NO!! You ARE ON A COMPUTER AREN'T YOU!? INFORMATION IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! USE IT!! This is how history repeats itself! done

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Sabrina Reid:  1397 days ago


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MaC:  1397 days ago

I have to say the clothes in the shoot were WONDERFUL!!! I loved everything, the shoes were beautiful too. As far as the black face, it wasn't applied to make her look like a cartoon. I'm not one to excuse things like this, but I wasn't offended, I was more put off by the fact that she looks lighter than I've seen her. But that could be the lighting, she was at a photo shoot....I LOVED THE CLOTHES.BRAVO!!!

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Patty:  1397 days ago

She looks great. Reminds me of Iman. Brown skinned woman with Caucasian defined features.

Beyonce cannot win. One day she pilloried as being too white. The next day she's pilloried as being too black. And of course, the usual suspects continue to be sore that she is racially transcendant.

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