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JERSEY SHORE: Angelina Says Engagement Isn't Fake, Gets New Rings!

Former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick is slamming rumors that her engagement to David Kovacs was nothing more than a publicity stunt -- and she's got the new rings to prove it!

Angelina Pivanick Engagement Ring
Pivarnick, who got engaged last week on the red carpet of a New York Fashion Week show, tells TooFab "The publicity stunt thing is bulls**t. Me and my fiancé are very happy together."

Angelina also showed off the two new wedding bands David added to her engagement ring, telling us "Why would he spend the money if this was just a publicity stunt?"

We're told the two new diamond bands cost about $4K and the couple is going shopping for wedding dresses and apartments in the Upper East Side next week.

Check out the new bling and more photos of the couple's engagement in the gallery above!

Comments (7)

Jennifer:  1438 days ago

The Diamonds look fake! ! It looks like a cheap set from a department store! hopefully she's happy but girl..get that stuff appraised!!

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Angie:  1438 days ago

Well... It must be true.. I mean, it's not like you can go to Target and buy a phony wedding ring set!

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Angel:  1438 days ago

I enjoy some reality tv but am really irritated when people with virtually no talent are writing books and making money "hand over fist" when other talented people never get a big break. I'm sick of Snooki, the Situation, and on and on.

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ariana:  1437 days ago

i dont like angelina but i think her ring is pretty and no one should be hating on her. let the girl be happy!

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Jen:  1437 days ago

Angelina has been a ****ing bitchy whore from the start on Jersey Shore shes ugly as ****ing DOG-**** I mean come on nobody engage 2 that pig I feel bad!

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S.M:  1435 days ago

Who gives a ****! She wasn't even s***my enough to last a full season the fact that she is in the news is appalling! WTF is wrong with everybody!

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cupcake babee:  1389 days ago

ewwww who would want to get wit tht ugly dude nd her like come on there both ugly as hell thts jst nasty nd angelina ur a gold digger

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