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HOT PHOTOS: Jessica White Strips For Tattoo Mag!

Jessica White showed off her bikini bod in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue -- but now she's going one step further ... and taking it all off for Inked Magazine!


White, whose tattoos were Photoshopped out of her SI spread, shows off all her body art in what Inked is calling their "Anti-Swimsuit Issue" -- the last magazine shoot she'll be doing in the buff.

“This will be the last time I pose nude before I move on to other projects in my life,” she says. “I think the Inked readers -- those in the tattoo community -- understand my message and I want to share the real me, bare, stripped down and tattooed.”

Check out the gallery for a closer look at all of White's tattoos. For more, uncensored photos, check out the full magazine, out now!

Comments (7)

noneofyourbusiness:  1434 days ago

Too bad her face is so very unattractive....did they photoshop that too?

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mel:  1434 days ago

I think she's pretty...exotic to me.

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Jenny Simmons:  1433 days ago

Two words:
Tramp Stamps.

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higenyi ivan:  1433 days ago

oh my God it is damn killing

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Malika r:  1433 days ago

Looks like a typical Buffalo NY girl- nothing
special - thank god for Tony Ruldolph - her cousin
that pulled her out of the gutter and set her straight

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Ron:  1432 days ago

OK, noneofyourbusiness .....

Just gotta wonder WHY you would thing this beautiful lady was "butt ugly" - I believe that was the description you used..??

I certainly think she is VERY attractive - and exotic as someone mentioned couple of posts after yours...

Guess maybe we just have different tastes... like maybe mine lean toward pretty women - and yours lean in a far different direction..?? ;-)

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Taouhidul Islam Chowdhury:  1432 days ago

Vare Vare Nice I Like You I Love you Best Regards Taouhidul Islam Chowdhury From Dhaka Bangladesh

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