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Prince William and Kate's Romantic Redux In Scotland!

Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton visited the Scottish university where they first met on Thursday, marking the couple's first official event together.

The lovebirds kicked off their romance while they were students at St. Andrews between 2001 and 2005. At the event, which kicked off St. Andrews' 600th anniversary celebrations, the university announced that it was establishing a scholarship program, worth roughly $112,000.

"This is a very special moment for Catherine and me," Prince William told a group of students. "It feels like coming home."

While at the university, the couple toured their old Art History lecture hall and walked past the residence halls where they lived as freshmen.

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nick boy age22:  1431 days ago

For 90 days.(costs you 0.62$).

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virgosiempre:  1394 days ago

I remember living in Germany and watching Princess Diana marrying that man. I hope with every fiber these two are blessed with a loving and long marriage.. Why no wedding band for Prince William? It seems like bad karma since his father didn't wear one with Princess Diana

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Hisjules:  1374 days ago


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Stacey:  1369 days ago

What can be said about the world most loved couple may god bless them an there children all of there lives my love always to the
Prince and Princess
Willan and Kate

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