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THE OSCARS: And the Winners Are ...

"The King's Speech" was the big winner this year at the Academy Awards -- taking home 4 of its 12 Oscar nominations this year, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth.

Check out the best show moments the gallery above -- and see the full list of winners below:

Best Art Direction: "Alice in Wonderland"
Best Cinematography: Wally Pfister, "Inception"
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo, "The Fighter"
Best Animated Short Film: "The Lost Thing"
Best Animated Feature Film: "Toy Story 3"
Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, "The Social Network"
Best Original Screenplay: David Seidler, "The King's Speech"
Best Foreign Language Film: "In a Better World," Denmark
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, "The Fighter"
Best Original Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, "The Social Network"
Best Sound Mixing: "Inception"
Sound Editing: "Inception"
Best Makeup: "The Wolfman"
Best Costume Design: Colleen Atwood, "Alice in Wonderland"
Best Documentary Short Subject: "Strangers No More"
Best Live Action Short Film: "God of Love"
Best Documentary Feature: "Inside Job"
Best Visual Effects: "Inception"
Best Film Editing: "The Social Network"
Best Original Song: "We Belong Together," Randy Newman
Best Director: Tom Hooper, "The King's Speech"
Best Actress: Natalie Portman, "Black Swan"
Best Actor: Colin Firth, "The King's Speech"
Best Picture: "The King's Speech"

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susislicker:  1435 days ago

I stopped watching the Oscars some years ago when I got sick of these celebrities gladhanding each other and realizing that they get paid 15 and 20 million per picture! There is NO one on earth that deserves that much money for dressing up and playing pretend.

This country is skewed in its' priorities. What about the teachers that help form your children's education, the police that protect you and the firefighters that save your burning home?

These people deserve more money than they are making. Some are not even making it on what the earn. Pat THEM 20 million!

And then we see in the news everyday these self absorbed and publicity hungry celebs who do not deserve to earn that much for simply playing dress up and pretend.

They eould not know a real job if one smacked them in the face . They certainly could not survive on a real job (with a very few exceptions here, Hilary Swank and a few others).

Get real Hollywood! No one really cares about your size Zero dress and your love affairs, marriages and divorces.

And then you throw yourself a party to celebrate what? YOU of course. Think about what your paycheck for one movie could do for the police force or fire department in your hometown, or even for a small country!!!

Oh that's right, you just HAVE to buy that house in Malibu, to go with your 3 other mansions and 5 cars and yacht! YOU are the epitome of Anerican overfed cattle. Moo!

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rea:  1434 days ago

I feel that all the stars are overpaid for the work they do. Ten million for one film whenthere are people starving all over the world. People without health insurance and yes, older people eating cat food becasue they cant afford anything else.What a shame.

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Anon:  1434 days ago

Suslicker is badly informed about the actual work these people do. What that person sees is what the P.R. people and the industry put out there to make it seem like a glam business. The business of entertainment is not an easy one, and the job of the stars is to lift people out of their own lives into a place where only they are limited only by imagination.

The actual work they do demands the precision of an engineer and the energy of an athlete. Their day begins before the sun comes up, and often ends well past midnight. Where they work depends on the story being told, and that could be anywhere from the Arctic to the Riviera to the Sahara. Or not. It could be told in a green-painted room, where the action has to appear to take place in the Arctic, on the Riviera, in the Sahara. And the audience must believe it in any case.

I have some issue with their salaries, even after seeing the mansions where the producers live. Nonetheless, they work under grueling conditions, and do not get to the place where they command the money they get without untold hours of work of a sort the general public would not do even if paid to do it.

I agree that teachers deserve more than they get in terms of credit for the hours they put in off the books planning their classes, and as managers of often unruly, unparented children. Part of their burden is also to surf the latest mad "theory" that is imposed from Washington. and

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cody:  1433 days ago

you guys are a bunch of morons. Do you know why hollywood actors get paid millions of dollars a year? Because there is a market for it. People are willing to pay $10-$12 a movie ticket, $15 a dvd, broadcasting companies are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for movie rights because business are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for advertising because tens of millions of people waste their lives away in front of televisions.

It sucks that America doesn't place a high enough priority on education, but that has no relation to salaries. Movie stars are paid high salaries because America has an entertainment infatuation.

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