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PHOTOS: Katie & Suri's Slushy Stroll Thru Vancouver!

While Tom Cruise filmed "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" in Vancouver, wife Katie Holmes and their daughter spent quality time together Sunday afternoon.

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The mother-daughter duo spent the day walking through the slushy streets of Vancouver--fear not, Suri was protected by her adorable pink Uggs. On their agenda? Sweets! The pair visted a cupcake shop, and then headed to a Starbucks, where Suri got a hot chocolate..Yum!

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Lauren K:  1427 days ago

What is Katie thinking letting her daughter walk around in Vancouver with an open jacket, a t-shirt dress with no leggings? I live in Vancouver and it was VERY cold! Not a good mother!!!

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Leslie G:  1427 days ago

Thank you Lauren K! I'm not the only one who noticed that. Suri always seems to be inappropriately dressed for the weather. It's obviously cold -- you can see the snow in the background, Katie's wearing a heavy coat, scarf and pants. Yet this child's legs are bare, no hat, coat open and a thin little dress. Why does she dress her child like that?

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H:  1427 days ago

i live in vancouver too

if she wanted to she could zip her jacket up.


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Tasha:  1427 days ago

That's exactly what I was thinking... and I have always been a fan of Katies, but what was she thinking?

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Bobbi:  1427 days ago

I live in Vancouver too. Maybe none of you have kids...see, thing is "pick your battles"! If that kid was cold, her mother would have known it...believe me.

If you notice, Suri loves wearing dresses and she doesn't seem fazed by the cold Vancouver air.

Chill out! No pun intended.

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Devon:  1427 days ago

It wasn't THAT cold yesterday. I live just a few blocks from where they were and it was actually nice compared to how bad it's been. If the kid was cold, she would have told her mother. The kid knows how to talk.

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Jan:  1427 days ago

My granddaughter was born 3 weeks before Suri and she knows how to zip up her own coat when she is cold. My guess is, Suri was not that cold or she would have handled the problem.

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wow ew:  1427 days ago

maybe they were outside for like less than 5 minutes. im pretty damn sure they had a warm car waiting for them.

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amy:  1426 days ago

Its not the point of Suri knowing when shes cold or if she knows when to zip her coat, the point is, is that her mother should be setting guidelines for her daughter. its cold zip your coat. whether or not she feels its is irrelevant. shes that child and when you see snow on the ground you should zip your coat. Suri is a child and doesn't know all of the things that she should yet. I have a 4 yr old daughter and it doesnt matter to me if we are going to a warm car or walking down the street,her coat is zipped before she leaves the door or she doesn't leave. it's called PARENTING

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