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FIRST LOOK: Kim Kardashian Rocks Cornrows in New Music Video!

Now we know why Kim Kardashian was seen rocking Bo Derek braids back in December -- it was all for her music video ... and now Kim's giving us a sneak peek at the shoot!

Kim posted some behind-the-scenes shots from her "Turn It Up" music video shoot with Hype Williams on her blog earlier today, explaining the look.

"Hype Williams came up with this Bo Derek braids look for the music video and I loved it!" Kim writes, adding "It took about four hours to do, and believe it or not I fell asleep! I wish I could have worn it longer. We tried out a number of different looks in the video, and I’ll be sharing the other looks with you guys here on my blog."

Of the video, which will debut during next Sunday's episode of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," Kim also says "I’m excited (and a little nervous) for you all to hear the song and watch the video. I really hope you all like it!"

Check out the sneak peek pics above!

Comments (14)

Johnny Carcinoma:  1426 days ago

Does she get micturated on in this video, too?

Her rear end is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

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Sher:  1426 days ago

In response to the 1st comment, her rear end cannot be helped without lots of lipo and a butt lift after that. That's MAJOR surgery that is totally COSMETIC and major pain/risk. But you know what? She is beautiful regardless and perhaps because she embraces her body...every inch of it. Possibly you're putting her down to feel better about yourself or your effed up girl?

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msly:  1426 days ago

She looks better without all of the makeup "caked" on her face!

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James:  1426 days ago

Nose job?...CHECK!
Cheek implants?...CHECK!
Boob job?....CHECK!

LOL Kim is as fake as her hair (extensions of course) haha

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Stanley:  1426 days ago

She looks horrible! What is wrong with that chick? Seriously? Talk about overexposure. Aren't this family's 15 mins up yet?

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RJ:  1425 days ago

Sherry S. - Nah, people are putting her down because she's an airheaded famewhore. She's not beautiful and her ass doesn't look good.

And if you think lipo and a butt lift are the only ways to lose that ass, I have 2 new concepts for you: dieting and squats.

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v:  1425 days ago

Ladies please stop the hating, u have to admit the girl is not a ugly girl and obviouly she not dum because look at where she at and how much money the girls has. so the hell what she made a video AND!!!!!!!!!!!! who cares!!!!!!!!! shes a women making her money, and she does it well. so please stop hating.

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estella:  1425 days ago

Who ever is responsible for this column obviously does not know anything about cornrows. I believe that the cornrow originated in africa 500 years BC. That style of wearing braids and cornrows has absolutely nothing to do with Bo Derek!!!! The writer needs to do some history research

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k:  1425 days ago

ANYBODY can put out a song now days!!!! doesnt mean you can sing!!How about trying to do something positive with yourself.maybe people would think more highly of you, than the fame whore your made out to look like.

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CG:  1425 days ago

Umm, Estella, Bo Derek wore a similar hair style in the movie 10 in the 1970s.

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kate:  1425 days ago

cornrows dont do too well with all that caked on make up. She looks much better without it. And to are crazy. I have not met one person who would NOT want her butt...she is a woman and has curves. I actually applaud her for not giving in to the sickening anorexic/hardcore dieting world that we call hollywood.

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Mr. Roarke:  1424 days ago

I'm just going to keep it real with you from a man that could care less about all her superficial materialistic exploits.

1.) Yes, she is very pretty, but I personally have never been that impressed with her & have 0.0% respect for her, what does she really do? No one can answer that question. Her time on this Earth has yet to contribute anything beneficial or positive to the content of the other 6.5 billion people on this planet's lives.

2.) Yes, she makes money, but what does that really mean. People say that, as if that excuses her from being a responsibly contributing adult in this society. We seem to forget nobody knew or gave a damn who she was until Ray J...RAY J...RAY J, stuck his ding-a-ling in her & her mouth but you want me to praise this high-priced hoe & let her forget she's a H-O-E...I don't think so. If you wanna defend her with that weak ass defense, you're probably worse than she is. $$$ don't make the person, the person is supposed to forge a substantial legacy.

3.) Her father was one of the great legal minds that defended OJ Simpson in the trial of the century and WON, but no one seems to remember that. Her daddy probably rolls over in his grave daily like a rotisserie.

4.) Its like my momma always said, before you get wit a girl make sure you aware of what's under ALLLLLLLL the layers of hair, clothes & makeup...because if she THAT fake on the outside you gotta wonder how real she'll ever be on the inside. Ya dig?

5.) Pray for the girl, she obviously needs a lot of extra help to be what you see on TV.

-Just Sayin

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monae:  1424 days ago

everybdy up here hateing on her if yall dnt have nufthn nice t2 saii thn dnt saii nufthnn she not an ugly girl and i think she looks nice wiff her conrows #true fann i love ha

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Fe:  1420 days ago

Its called hustle...and she definately gets her hustle on...and how long ago was this Ray J situation....and he was her boyfriend not her John....and at least she is not a broke (whore) as she is being called...and what does she owe society?...who cares who her boyfriends are...she is still young and evidentally NOT ready to settle down at this time...she is enjoying life to the fullest....Go kim...enjoy it while you can...

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