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FAB FOTOS: Britney Goes Topless, Talks New Album!

Britney Spears looks incredible in a new photo shoot for V Magazine -- where she goes topless and warns the world "That the bitch is back and better than ever!"

Britney Spears Topless
The colorful spread, taken by famed photographer Mario Testino, debuted online today -- along with Brit's full interview for the magazine.

Of her new album, Femme Fatale, Spears says "I wanted to make a fierce dance record where each song makes you want to get up and move your body in a different way. That’s what I want from the music I listen to. This record is for the clubs, or something you play before you go out at night. It’s definitely my edgiest and most mature sound yet."

She also talks about her secret skills (cooking for her boys) and secret to success ("always stay true to myself") in the mag, on newsstands tomorrow.

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K Ray:  1301 days ago

I am probably the minority here, but I am so tired of Britanny Spears.

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sueb:  1292 days ago

ok some of you people really need to get a grip already. I know this may be news to you but some of us can hep starving children and support musicians at the same time.

Britney obviously has a mental illness. This is not new to Hollywood. Several mental illness' come with a creative side. bi-polar, autism, etc. While I agree untreated mental illness is not flattering or healthy, neither is bitchy self rightousness.

I support anyone who is trying to make the best out of what life has handed them. Good or Bad we all have strenghs and weaknesses. We all make mistakes and bad decisions. It is not healthy to wallow in the less than perfect times and traits.

Do your best and learn from your worst, that is really all we can ask of anyone. She is not giving up or giving in to the negative that overcame her at one point. She is working to make a living and doing what she can to keep herself in check.

That is more than I can say for alot of "normal" people. Also, she doesn't have to knock other people down while she does it.

I say be true to yourself. Strive for the best you that you can be. Try your best not to hurt other. Never step on others to get ahead. Learn from your mistakes and admit you are human. That is true success. OH yea- most important Have fun doing it!!!!

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Michael:  1280 days ago

Nice artwork of Britney Spears. Can Britney come give me a personal show without any media present cause I would like to see her really respond to my request. I think she is the punch my project needs to encourage American's to get from the Obama Gutter he has led us towards holding Congress hostage and over spending our tax dollars to the point of crashing the value of the US Dollar. Obama can be impeached by America.

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lori:  1275 days ago

she looks great sexy and gorgeous, go girl.Like they say if you got it show it ! Talent helps too.

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manyany:  1268 days ago

brit's climbing on the lesbo wagon!!! girlfriend

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CNILE:  1268 days ago

This no-talent trailer-trash stripper wannabe needs to crawl back to whatever meth lab spawned her.

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john:  1266 days ago

don't talk about her help her, she needs JESUS in her life if she will surrender to him she will find peace and joy,the things she is doing she won't have to do

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vaginacreamkegel:  1143 days ago

"The BITCH is back".........?

Why Britney.. WHY would you speak about yourself that way, have some self respect and PRIDE. Your a public figure and idolized by millions of young women who look to you for guidance and want to build themselves up in your image.

Hollywood is in a truly sad state.

My girlfriend told me TMZ even reported last week that Britney Spears was using Intivar tightening cream ( this stuff: ) with her boyfriend and she was talking about it publicly.. I mean common girl, some things you just keep private ya know!

I hope you can straighten out yer life girl, I was a HUGE FAN, no I dunno :(

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